9 Signs you are Growing Old

Whether we like it or not, we are all growing old. As time progresses, signs of old age will begin to show and you need to be prepared. In this article, we shall discuss some of the signs which show that you are indeed growing up and getting old. Enjoy!

Forgetting people’s names

I have been growing old since when I was in my teens, but that’s just me: You may notice that it starts getting difficult to remember people’s names. What’s her name? Karen? Samantha? Probably if she’s a hottie you will remember her name even if you’re 68 years of age!

Bending down gets harder

It may also start to become difficult to bend down, especially when picking up something from the floor.


You had much more energy in the past to watch movies. Now you find yourself asleep half-way. You are frustrated that you miss most of the movie, yet those few minutes of sleep are priceless. You are also less inclined to stay out late. Long gone are the days where you enjoyed spending the entire night out. Now you look forward to spending chill nights at your house, playing board games and going to bed once you feel the slightest hint of tiredness. You will also become more appreciative of an afternoon nap, whenever you have the time for one!


This applies to men only. Women are born complaining. So let’s carry on: The older you get, the more you will complain. Your tolerance levels towards minor disturbances decrease rapidly and you find yourself complaining over the littlest of things.


With old age, you may notice the receding hairline and bald patches growing. You are also likely to encounter the grey hair growing on certain parts of your scalp. The irony is that old age takes away hair from the areas you want it to grow, and makes it grow in areas you do not want it to, such as your ears and back!

Lack of interest in current music

There was a time when you were up to date with all the latest singles as you danced to them all night long. As you get older you will find such pop songs less interesting and are less in tune with the latest hits. You are also less inclined to visiting places with such loud music.


Your clothing style will also change as you progress through the years. Whereas in the past you would have bought clothes for their sense of style, you now prefer wearing garments that fit you comfortably. Say bye bye to the fitted shirts!

Getting sick

As you get older you are more likely to get sick by catching a cold or any other bout of illness. You will need to take more care and ensure that you are getting the right amount of vitamins to stay healthy.

Technology barriers

As you get older, you are less likely to adapt to new technologies. Whereas in the past you were keener to try out the latest technology, you are now more sceptical and would not bother unless you really need to.

Getting old is a fact of life. Whilst you may not subscribe to any of the above, there is one clear indicator which shows you have truly become old. This is when ‘happy hour’ becomes nap time.

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