8 Signs your Boss Hates You

A good career is heavily influenced by the relationships you have with your superiors. Those who want to thrive in their careers will need to build relationships of mutual trust between themselves and their bosses. Failing to do so, will harm your career prospects within most organisations. In certain moments we all have feared or wondered whether our boss hates us or not. In most cases this is really all in our heads, however, in this article, we discuss some signs which may indicate that your boss dislikes you.

Bad feeling

If you have a bad vibe whenever you are around your boss, this may be a clue. Rather than dismissing it as a simple insecurity or anxiety, you may do well to try to uncover the root of this. There is a reason why you are getting this gut feeling, so might as well get to the bottom of it.


You feel excluded from the day-to-day running of the department and feel that you are not given high priority tasks. Your feedback is not sought or valued and your boss does not involve you in the important decisions.

Cold non-verbal communication

You will notice that your boss does not maintain eye contact when you are speaking to him or her, indicating a lack of trust and respect. This is backed by other dismissive looks whenever you share an opinion or propose a particular course of action.


A boss who dislikes you or thinks that you are not to be trusted is likely to micromanage to ensure that they can control whatever you are doing. If you feel as if you are constantly being monitored, it may be time to seek new pastures, away from your current work environment.


You may notice that your boss is constantly avoiding you. An example of this would be that he is always busy whenever you need something and that he escapes to another area when you are around. This is suspicious behaviour which may indicate that your boss is at odds with you. This may also be accompanied by the feeling that you do not exist to him. The only communication which takes place between you and your boss is solely via email, taking place when absolutely necessary.

Constant negative feedback

Any idea or suggestion you propose is met by a wave of criticism and rejection. All the answers you provide are neither correct nor accurate. You ask for something and are immediately met with hostility. This is made all the more evident when your colleagues are not treated the same way.

You get the less important work

You are constantly bombarded by tasks which have little value and that no one else wants to do. These jobs are normally tedious and below your level.

Lack of patience

Your boss is not patient with you as he explains or gives you instructions. Your attempts for further clarification may be met with irritability.

If you have a boss with any of these behaviours, you could be in trouble. This is a case where the grass is greener on the other side and you would do well to explore other options, or stop being lazy and running away from your responsabilities and own jor job.

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