50% of all men in the world suffer from erectile dysfunction

A cause of concern for most men out there, erectile dysfunction refers to the inability of getting and maintaining an erection during sexual intercourse. Whilst the occasional erection problem does not equate to erectile dysfunction, if it is a consistent issue, it needs to be addressed immediately. Erectile dysfunction can have several implications on one’s self-confidence and relationships, including a declining sex drive. It could also be an effect of other health conditions such as heart disease, which may require immediate attention.

Although one may feel uncomfortable, it is necessary to visit a doctor. This is all the truer if you have any condition such as heart disease or diabetes which could be directly linked to it. Sexual arousal for males is a more complex process than it seems, as it involves the work of the brain hormones, emotions, nerves, muscles and blood vessels. Any issues with these and erectile dysfunction might present itself. In a nutshell, either physical or psychological issues might put on additional stress on someone, making it difficult for him to maintain an erection. This brings about anxiety which only worsens the situation.

There are many causes for erectile dysfunction. Let’s start off with the physical which may include heart disease, obesity, blood vessels which are clogged, high blood pressure, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis amongst others. The consumption of alcohol and tobacco is also detrimental as it can contribute to erectile dysfunction.

When discussing erectile dysfunction, we must also keep in mind that psychological issues are also at play. A number of thoughts and feelings may interrupt sexual excitement which leads to erectile dysfunction. Work-related stress and consistent pressure may interfere with one’s sex life, reducing his drive and capability to perform. Depression and relationship problems may also contribute to erectile dysfunction. There is also the age factor, as when one gets older, the risks of erectile dysfunction increase.

Overall, the best way to prevent erectile dysfunction is to take care of yourself by leading a healthy lifestyle, both in terms of what is consumed and also the general aspects related to work and other forms of stress. Maintaining a balanced diet, coupled with good physical exercise and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol is also beneficial. If you have any conditions which could worsen, it would be best to address immediately with a doctor to avoid future complications.

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