Why you should never get back with your Ex

Most of us have been in a relationship that simply did not work out. As time passes, following a breakup, the pain subsides and most move on. Others, however, never fully get over it and would be extremely tempted to get back with their ex. As the weeks and months fast forward, it may be difficult to remember all the reasons why you left him or her. The anger might not sting you as it did and temptation strikes to give it another shot with your ex. In this article we discuss the reasons why hooking back up with your ex is a freaking bad idea.

There was a reason why you broke up in the first place

DUH! You will need to respect a decision you took following careful thought and consideration. If you had decided to end the relationship with your partner, you did so for specific reasons and there were things you disliked. These issues leading to your incompatibility do not just vanish after a break-up.

Time will not change characters

If you and your ex had opposing characters which meant that it was no longer feasible to stay together, it is highly unlikely that time will change things. Getting back with your ex will only lead you into a cycle of time wasting, leading to the same undesirable outcome. Following the initial honeymoon period, you will find that you are still the same people with the same problems. But hey, opposits attract!

You will not experience anything new

Getting back with your ex-partner is likely to be a rewind of your previous experience. You will not experience anything new as you are getting back with an individual you already know well and had already decided to end it off with him or her.

You already passed through the ordeal once

Going through a break-up can have its toll on you. Realising that you are not compatible with your partner and going through the entire process is difficult. If you decide to give it another shot with your ex, you risk going through that ordeal again. Be happy that you made it out of it once. No need to go through it again!

Time to rediscover yourself

Following a break-up, you will have the time to contemplate and understand how you can become a better person and partner. If you decide to go back, you will be less likely to act on the key lessons learnt in that relationship.

Plenty of other fish

If it did not work out with one person, it does not mean that it will not work out with anyone else. A break-up should be followed by a new beginning where you seek other partners who may be more compatible with you.

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