Autophagy: When your body eats itself. AND IT IS HEALTHY. FOR REAL

Apparently there is a way to detox your body by actually training it to eat itself. This is a natural process coined as autophagy, which literally recycles your body’s cells and use them as energy to create new ones. It is the process where the body is cleansed from elements which are detrimental to it such as the growth of cancers, obesity and diabetes. There is also research that supports autophagy as a key contributor for better immunity and to control inflammation.

Tests done on rats which are incapable of autophagy normally conclude that they become fatter, sleepier, have higher cholesterol and damaged brains. Autophagy is key to fighting the aging process and there are ways how we can ameliorate its performance within our bodies.

Hit the gym

Regular exercise is key in allowing the body to cleanse itself effectively. Performing exercise allows the body to create tears which it will heal, making your muscles stronger and resilient. Determining the amount of exercise to stimulate autophagy is still difficult due to insufficient research. The tougher the work-out however, the better.

Fasting Do You remember our OMAD article?

Autophagy begins when liver glycogen is depleted, around 12-16 hours into a fast. Refraining from food will also help the body for better endurance and stimulates autophagy. It is something the body will not appreciate immediately, however may build endurance to combat diabetes and heart disease. Fasting also promotes autophagy in the brain, reducing the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Less carbs

This will help in reaching a state of ketosis which is now a popular diet amongst gym enthusiasts. It basically puts the body in a position of using fat as its fuel, since it would be deprived of carbs. It is a means of achieving autophagy without fasting!

With that said autophagy is not that easy to achieve, as there are no over the counter pills for it. Fasting requires a smooth introduction to your lifestyle. Records show that introducing fasting to your diet and routine is mostly difficult in the first few weeks, however from the 3rd week onwards, your body would have gotten used to this new system. Physical activity however, will always remain the right hand to a good diet. Opting for a specific diet or exercise is always helpful to live a healthier longer life.

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