7 Signs which may hint you are an Introvert

You might have encountered someone who described you as an introvert. Some might have asked you to speak more in social gatherings. You may have also been the quiet one in school. These are all traits which could point to you being an introvert. In this article we discuss such typical traits.

Alone time

You find great serenity in being alone. This applies to weekends and Saturday nights as well! Your idea of a perfect chilling time is watching a good series or a movie on your own, or else reading, playing video games or some other solo activity.


This is like having an inner voice in the back of your mind telling you what you should have done or what you must be doing tomorrow or in the future. Detaching yourself from this voice can be difficult and in some cases it may remind you of episodes which took place years ago but haunt you till this very day.

One brain is enough

You find yourself coming up with the best ideas and solutions when you are away from other people. When you are in the presence of others, you feel that these people are a distraction and your mind cannot function to the best of its ability. Your creativity reigns supreme when you are on your own.

Lonely in the crowd

One would expect that individuals do not feel, lonely when they are in groups of people. With introverts, it is the complete opposite, they feel lonely in the crowd and at their best when they are alone. This is coupled with the fact that they feel as if they are forcing efforts when they need to network and introduce themselves to other people.

Hating the attention

Most people would enjoy being the centre of attention. Introverts are different and would dislike being as such. They would prefer to have a one-to-one discussion rather than a conversation in front of a room full of people.

Speaking your thoughts is a challenge

Introverts find it difficult to initiate discussion with others. They prefer to write down what they need to say and send an email or a message. There is less pressure when you are writing your words rather than saying them in real time. Writing also allows you to draft the message exactly as you would like to pronounce it hence allowing you to communicate better.

Avoid small talk

Introverts avoid talking with people if it is not absolutely necessary. Discussions related to last weekend’s activity and other small talk are things introverts do not seek.

My question however, will always remain: Is there something wrong in being an introvert? I personally love it.

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