7 Facts you won’t Believe are True

Ever heard of something you were sure that it could not be possible? You would be surprised to know how many facts there are, which are quite difficult to accept as being true. In this article, we discuss a few of these facts which are very hard to believe.

Headless chicken

There is a recorded case of a chicken that lived without its head for eighteen months. The brains of chickens are concentrated at the back of their skull and therefore a headless chicken can live off its nerve endings. Mike, the chicken who survived living without a head for eighteen months is the most famous example. In 1945, his head was chopped by a farmer, however he would simply stay alive, being fed food and water directly from his esophagus.

Five-hundred-year-old shark

There are some sharks who can actually live up to five hundred years. This type of species is the Greenland Shark which boast the longest lifespan amongst vertebrates with an approximate average of around two hundred and seventy years, with some of them going into the five hundred year mark.

Turkeys can impregnate themselves

There are some turkeys that can impregnate themselves through a process referred to as Parthenogenesis. This phenomenon is rare amongst birds and is also possible for plants, bugs and certain species of fish.

Nintendo was invented earlier than you think

This Japanese gaming company was founded in 1889. That’s right! The company first started off by producing a card game as it slowly progressed into other forms of gaming throughout the years.

Workmen in the La Sante Prison courtyard clean and dismantle the guillotine, May 25, 1946, after the execution of convicted serial killer Dr. Marcel Petiot, in Paris. Bloodstains are visible on the pavement. (AP Photo)

Guillotine is considered a modern way of ending one’s life.

The last person to have suffered the terrible fate brought about by the guillotine took place on the 25th May, 1977. This person was the last to be executed by beheading in the western world and this coincided with the release year of the first Star Wars movie.

A bear was promoted in the army

No, it’s not Bear Grylls. We introduce you to  Wojtek: the soldier bear was used to move ammunition during the battle of Monte Cassino in Italy. After the battle, he was promoted to the rank of corporal and after World War II, he lived in Edinburgh zoo until his death in 1963.

Honey does not expire

We all love a bit of honey here and there. It contains an intricate composition which allows it to never expire. This is due to the fact that organisms cannot live inside it. So, in theory, honey which is found to be thousands of years old may be processed for consumption.

Any other facts you find hard to believe? Such as your wife having headaches every night?

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