6 Signs that show you are an Extrovert

If you are an extrovert, you are most likely to know it by now. With that said, if you have already decided you are an extrovert, you might not be familiar with all the related traits. One example is the fact that extroverts make good leaders and are perceived to be more open for communication, hence highly approachable. In this article we discuss the typical traits of extroverts.

Social meetings

Extroverts take all opportunities to be surrounded by others. They enjoy the aspects of communication with other people. It does not need to be a fully-fledged party, sometimes a beer with a friend or a movie would be enough.


Extroverts enjoy conversation. They will talk to anyone who listens, be it either family, friends, colleagues and even people who are just a mere acquaintance. Extroverts speak with people from different walks of life and enjoy building new relationships. They also prefer to tackle problems head on and would be willing to discuss and solve any issues.


Since extroverts enjoy talking to practically everyone, they will be described as friendly. This will make others feel more comfortable in their presence and can speak their minds with ease as they feel welcomed. This is usually followed by the fact that extroverts have a lot of friends they can hang out with.

New experiences

Extroverts are more likely to explore new adventures. Such may include exotic trips abroad, a new job or avant-garde outings with friends. These opportunities to discover new people and places are part of the thrill.

Leadership skills

Extroverts normally portray leadership traits and it comes naturally for them to take on such a role. Combined with their love for communication and willingness to meet new people, this makes them ideal for managerial roles. Obviously, these are just some of the ideal traits. There are other equally, and to a certain extent, more important ones which make supreme leaders.


Extroverts have no problem getting their message across in a direct and assertive manner. Some people might say that they do not mince their words as they are very truthful and speak in a way which reflects their precise thoughts. Obviously being outspoken may not be ideal in certain circumstances, however experience will teach extroverts when and where is the right moment to say something.

So if you are an extrovert, you are likely to perceive these as very positive traits. Do you have any other traits to recommend for us?

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