When Social Media goes offline?

You arrive at home after a day’s work. You complain that you had a hard day as you slowly slip into your pyjamas. Now’s your time to unwind. You switch on your laptop and type in the Facebook URL. You input your email and password, and you are greeted by a strange, longer than usual loading time. Damn that internet connection!

You are then greeted by a Facebook error telling you that you cannot access your account. This was the situation for some Facebook users as the giant social media company was performing some updates to its database. Panic strikes when you realise that you are missing out on the zombified scrolling. Chill, it’s not all that bad. In this article we discuss just some of the things you could do if you have no social media. Heck, might as well do them even if you have your precious social media access.

Meet a friend

Yes, you can actually meet a friend instead of mindless chatting on messenger. Meeting someone versus chatting, gives you the opportunity to communicate better and will serve as an outing rather than just going through a mundane evening in front of a screen.

Go for a walk

You could actually use the time to put on some physical exercise rather than spending it in front of a screen seeing what other people are up to. Much healthier for you. Think of going to the gym or else for a long walk in the outdoors.


Meditation is no longer considered as something to do to kill the time. There are sound studies which back the positive impact of meditation on the brain. People who practice meditation on a regular basis become more concentrated and aware, whilst those who are hooked on to social media train their brain to constantly need stimulation, making focused attention harder to achieve.

Read a book

Can’t you read an article that has been shared on social media? Well yes, but we are actually referring to reading a physical, hardcopy book. The experience is totally different and helps you with finding better relaxation.

Sleep earlier

We have all probably stayed awake longer than we should, scrolling through our phone, tapping randomly at the content displayed on our social media news feeds. This in turn makes it more difficult to get a good night’s sleep and will make you feel like crap in the morning.

Now you are prepared for the next time your social media activity is interrupted!

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