Maltese YouTubers will start getting paid

Good news for Malta as YouTube will be extending its Partnership Programme for the Maltese. This was announced by Nationalist Member of European Parliament Francis Zammit Dimech. In simple terms, Maltese people who create videos and upload them on YouTube will be able to make money.

A statement by YouTube acknowledged the requests by Malta and indicated that work was being done to help Maltese creators, artists and musicians to showcase their work in the most popular video platform in the world. In more specific terms, a dedicated domain will be made available and the opening of the YouTube Partnership Programme to the Maltese community will take place.

The importance of this step forward was highlighted by the Parliamentary Secretary for Digital Innovation, Silvio Schembri who expressed his delight at this announcement that Maltese content creators have such an opportunity for exposure. This makes Malta the same as any other European country and is another opportunity to leverage technology to its advantage.

This milestone was achieved following several meetings and challenges where certain legal implications had to be overcome to launch this programme over a few months. Francis Zammit Dimech thanked Google for its contribution in making the YouTube Partnership Programme accessible to the Maltese.

This step forward is also critical for young artists seeking to establish themselves and promote their content on an international platform. Last year, a training session was organised by Francis Zammit Dimech inviting the local YouTube community and YouTube experts who could share their knowledge on how to best promote content on this platform.

The Nationalist Member of European Parliament also took the time to thank the PN’s Spokesperson for Culture and Media, Therese Comodini Cachia, who also gave her contribution via the Copyright Reform.

Those who create online content, will now have a wide array of tools and resources to utilise and make their content more prominent on YouTube. This will lead to an end to the discrimination of the Maltese and will lead to better reachability between content producers and further profitability opportunities on an international scale. In this regard, the government has promised that it would be organising an activity so that YouTube users may become better accustomed to the new features which are available to them.

Now may be the right time to consider a career as a YouTuber. Imagine that, becoming rich from the comfort of your own home, with just a YouTube account!

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