Luke Perry – You will be Missed

Luke Perry, the Beverly Hills sensation was recently admitted to hospital due to a massive stroke which claimed his life on the 4th of March, 2019. He was being treated at the St Joseph’s hospital in Burbank, California, where he was surrounded by close family members and friends, including his children, Sophie and Jack.

He is mainly renowned for the role he played as Dylan Mckay on the nineties shows Beverly Hills. In this article we share some facts about his life that may be less popular. Apart from his success in Beverly Hills, he was also successful on stage and the silver screen, also being a prominent figure in the Riverdale drama.

Luke Perry was born on the 11th October, 1966, and following his parents’ divorce, he was raised by his mother and stepfather in Fredericktown Ohio. He also had an older brother, a younger sister and a stepsister.

Luke Perry had a complicated relationship with his biological father and used to get better on with his stepfather, Steve Bennet, a construction worker, who was more of a role model for him. He describes him as the individual who taught him what he needed to know as a man.

Luke Perry never seemed at all interested in his farming education. At Fredericktown High School, they had classes on how to manage farms and related activities such as driving tractors and giving birth to cows. Following his graduation, he pursued his passion and went to Hollywood in 1984. He also went through a divorce with actress Rachel Sharp in 2003.

His arrival at Hollywood was not immediately glamorous. He had to work through a series of different odd jobs so that he could finance his acting education. After a few years at auditioning and over two hundred rejections, the light at the end of the tunnel could be seen in 1987, where he landed a role in the drama Loving. He had to move to New York and in 1998 he got another opportunity in the soap opera Another World.

Shortly after, he was propelled into stardom, landing the role in Beverly Hills. He immediately made a hit in his audition, there and then. He first auditioned for the role of the jock, Steve Sanders but was selected for the bad boy role of Dylan McKay. Ratings of Fox Network grew remarkably due to Perry’s presence.

Following his successful stint in Beverly Hills, he took on a big-screen role as Ray Ray in Scorchers. Other notable mentions of his movie career include the supporting role he had in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He also made his mark in theatre with a Broadway debut in 2002.

He starred in NBC drama Windfall, however, this only went on for a season.

On a more recent note, he found a role that he really wanted, playing the part of Fred Andrews in Riverdale, which was slowly starting to get on its feet after its debut in January 2017.

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