8 Traits of a Cheater

Cheating has become a very topical relationship discussion, especially as times progressed. It is perceived as unacceptable, however, seems to have become all the more common. A number of people have insecurities that their partner cheats or has cheated on them in the past. One of the repeat questions asked is whether a person would cheat again if he already did in the past. In this article, we discuss some of the traits of a cheater. Such traits are normally key features in the attitudes of cheaters.

Rule breaking

Someone who has no respect for the rules and conventions is more likely to cheat. Such an attitude may also be accompanied by a lack of empathy and guilt, where one feels no sadness towards other people’s misfortunes. Their relationships are characterised by a lack of conscience and would normally want to achieve their goals no matter who they betray along the way.


Narcissists normally display egocentric behaviour and boast an extreme sense of entitlement. They are constantly seeking people to inflate their ego. Their needs are the only ones that matter. They do not consider that other people, including their partners, have needs of their own.

Addictive tendencies

People who indulge in certain vices such as drugs and alcohol are more likely to encounter opportunities to cheat on their partners. Addicts are weak and more likely to succumb to temptation once it is displayed in front of them.

Past behaviour of cheating

Whilst we are not saying that change is impossible, it is safe to assume that the overwhelming majority of people do not. People with a colourful history of cheating are more susceptible to repeat this behaviour, so be careful when you decide to trust someone who comes along with this baggage.

Never at fault

People who cheat feel as if it is not their fault that they are doing so. Not only that, but they will displace blame on others and will add parts to any story to cover their wrongdoing. This is one of their most consistent traits.


Although it may seem exciting to have an adventurous partner who is constantly seeking new things which boost his adrenaline, you may need to be careful. This addiction towards exciting activities is likely to extend to his love life and the thrill of conquering new partners will be too much to let go when the opportunity arises.

Too many work-related events after working hours

Of course, we all have our socialising and networking events every now and then, but if your partner has many of these, perhaps you might want to know more about his socialising intentions.

Immediate gratification

If you are dating a partner who is constantly seeking immediate gratification, that may be an early warning sign. If your partner has a lover who provides him with the immediate gratification he desires, it may be difficult to return to the faithful path.

Whilst these traits may be present in your partner, these do not necessarily constitute a cheater. This article is only designed for pure reading entertainment and to make you worry a little. Ha!

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