Visiting India? Here are 6 reasons why you must include India in your travel bucket

India is a unique country that guarantees a lasting impression on its visitors. It boasts a beautiful history and nothing really compares to it. Few are the countries that will imprint on a special place in your heart. India is one of them. Going to India will serve as a trip you never expected. It is a place where you enrich your senses with different colours, smells, tastes and sounds, which are remarkable. In this article, we discuss a number of reasons why you should visit India.


The culinary experience is like no other. In India, food is taken very seriously and there are a myriad of dishes to choose from. The food also varies by region, for example in the north of India you will most likely indulge in thick creamy curries that are a bit spicy. On the other hand, food is more ingredient-focused in the south using delicacies such as coconuts and seafood. If you are a vegetarian, do not worry, as India also caters for a large number of vegetarian Hindus.

The people

The people of India are renowned for their kindness and hospitality. This is all the more true for those who live in rural areas.

Taj Mahal

This is the most iconic symbol of India. It is a white marble mausoleum, that definitely needs to be on your travel list due to its historical significance. Renowned as one of the world’s seven wonders, it was built by the Emperor Shah Jahan in tribute to his preferred wife.

Ganges River

To the tourists, this may be a majestic river. To the people of India, it is much more than that. It is paramount for fishing, industry and also agriculture. Dipping into the river is believed to be beneficial for your soul as it becomes purified. It is also believed to be a medium to transport prayers to heaven. It is the belief of the Hindus that if one were to drop the ashes of someone into the river, the deceased will be immediately transported to heaven and will no longer be part of the cycle of rebirth.


India serves as an ideal place to learn about different religions and spirituality rituals. You will have the opportunity to see different people of various religions practising their regular rituals. It is also the place where major religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism originated.


If you are an architectural history enthusiast, you will enjoy your fair share of exploration in India. It boasts diverse architecture with different forts, palaces, mosques, temples and ancient ruins.

Ready for this adventure? Time to book those tickets.

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