The Azure Window

Following the recent storm which caused the destruction of the Azure Window back in 2017, a number of discussions have been in place regarding a potential re-design. There seems to be a proposal to restore the Azure Window to its former ‘glory’. The new design is created based on an integration of modern and old, which restores the Azure Window to its original formation.

This is a proposal prepared by Russian architect Svetozar Andreev who forwarded it to the respective authorities. The scope of this re-design is to create an attraction area for tourists and for Malta to invest in its heritage.

Before its collapse, the Azure Window was one of the most famous sights. It has featured in numerous television shows and movies, including Game of Thrones and was displayed on different marketing material aimed to promote the country, whilst being one of the key tours for tourists.

Svetozar Andreev expresses that he loves Malta very much and has emphasised that the natural archipelago is one of the main treasures of the island. It is precisely due to this that the design has been put forward, with the plan to have the mass of this construction distributed along the cliffside, to ensure the project’s sustainability. The metallic surface proposed protects the structure from corrosion, fire, distortion and violent weather. Andreev refers to his proposed project as the ‘Heart of Malta’ and has showcased his admiration for the Azure Window which he photographed during various stages prior to its collapse.

An online poll on the Malta Today news source indicates that the overwhelming majority of participants seem to agree with this proposal. The destruction of the Azure Window has left a void which has not yet been filled and is being met with frustration from tourists. With that said, its collapse has left one group of people a bit happier, the divers! It is now more attractive for divers who have a world to explore.

Would you be in agreement of such a project? Or shall we simply cherish the memories and move on?

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