Should we have a Puma on the Roof

Social media and several news sources were taken by storm in the past couple of days, following images of a puma being caged on a residential roof. This brought a wave of opinions and also several calls of animal cruelty arguing that a creature such as a puma, should not be left on a roof held in captivity. This particular side argues that a wild creature should be left within its natural jungle habitat, not confined within a civilised society.

Apart from denying this creature the opportunity to live in its natural habitat, there is also the extreme case scenario issue where this animal escapes and causes harm to whoever stands in its way. The owner of the puma took the opportunity to have his say and stated that his ownership of this creature respects all legal parameters and also uploaded a video on his Facebook profile caressing it, showcasing that it is happy and in safe hands.

It is reported that a government official gave his account on this matter, stating that the necessary authorisation is given and that the creature is in good care. He also reinforced his message by saying that the owner has both an inside and outside area for the puma to roam around. An attempt at reassuring people is also made by the government official highlighting that the enclosure consists of a double door system, which makes an escape difficult.  

Today, Maltese law clearly dictates that animals such as pumas must be kept in a zoo. With that said, this law was put into force in 2016, and the owner had the puma before that year. His argument is that no one should confiscate animals given the authorisation to live in residential areas before 2016.

What is your view on this story? Should the owner be allowed to keep his puma? I would love one!

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