Best Airport in Europe Award goes to…

Best Airport in Europe Award goes to… Malta International Airport

Tourism is one of the main key drivers of the Maltese economy. A lot of our businesses including hotels, restaurants and property owners depend on the success of our tourism sector. First impressions are key and landing to an airport which is of superior quality is essential in making it count. The Malta International Airport is quite a place to behold especially if you have never been there before and has been lauded by the Airport Service Quality body, winning the award of Best Airport in Europe within its size category.

The winners were by the Airports Council international following an extensive review of almost three hundred and fifty airports, gathering data from more than six hundred and fifty thousand passengers throughout 2018. The main objective of such awards is to provide recognition to those airports who have invested more in providing their guests with that extra something special. Service provided by the airports and terminal facilities plays a key role in the ratings provided.

The Malta International Airport gained respectable rankings in 2017 and 2016, placing second and third respectively. Following these successful results, an all-time high passenger score propelled the Malta International Airport to the top. In an era where the customer is king, now more than ever, the importance of such excellent results can never be understated. The Malta International Airport has a lot to be proud for, especially when considering that this win comes at the back of consistently positive results.

The Malta International Airport CEO, Mr Alan Borg, took the time to discuss the importance of this award and expressed his satisfaction and sense of reward that passengers have highlighted the Malta International Airport as a provider of quality. Mr Borg went on to emphasise the importance of the role played by his team members, around three thousand employees and all stakeholders involved. Maintaining such excellent standards is by no means an easy feat, especially during peak season, when the airport is at its busiest days.

Malta’s performance during peak season, namely from July to September 2018 ranked well above the European average. Playing their part in the boost of these ratings are the courtesy of airport staff, terminal cleanliness and the La Valette lounges.

The award given to the Malta International Airport is being shared with seven other airports who are considered to have given a top-notch service.

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