8 Ways to Build a Strong Character

Sometimes we tend to favour some individuals over others. We tend to place people in different categories of like and dislike. One of the main reasons why we look favourably on some people rather than others is due to their character. Certain traits make some people more likeable than others. Such traits are normally associated with strong and mature characters. But what exactly constitutes a well-built character that people will respect? In this article, we discuss some of the elements which are synonymous with strong characters.


People who are assertive, composed and calm will always be respected over those who overreact and display anger. Communicating your message in the appropriate tone can do a world of wonders to your daily interactions.

No drama

People who are labelled as drama queens are avoided and disliked by many. All of us have our share of problems and overexaggerating and making it sound as if only you have big problems will make people feel that it is all about you, when it really isn’t. We all need to address and solve our problems and overinflating them just so people sympathise with us is not the right way forward.

Avoid impulsive reactions

Some people tend to have difficulty processing their feelings and transmitting their message in an appropriate and acceptable way. They are irrationally impulsive and will react unpredictably when they are given negative feedback, creating a toxic environment. Self-control is key in ensuring that you maintain good relationships with others.


People will appreciate and value your feedback if they know that they are dealing with a genuine person. Those who are deceitful will create tension on others and will be less respected due to their malicious nature.


We will face moments where we need to decide between what is right and what is easy. The right decision will require courage and it is a sign of a strong character when one seeks to do that which is morally correct. Whilst fear cannot be avoided, there are those who have mastered it and are able to allow courage to take over. This approach will allow you to face your obstacles and tackle them head-on.


This is one of the most important traits. One of the common misconceptions in today’s society is that because someone is empathetic and displays a degree of emotional intelligence, he is weak. This could not be any farther from the truth and displaying these qualities is actually a sign of strength.


This is a key quality and is both empowering and attractive. In life we will pass through different moments, including challenges which may shatter us emotionally. Maintaining confidence in your ability and beliefs is a trait which indicates a strong character.


Being well-mannered with others is a strong sign of respect. Treating both people, you like and dislike with politeness and respect is a true sign of a well-developed character.

If you possess all these qualities, you are likely to maintain good relationships with people. If you still find those who will destructively criticise, then that’s really their problem, not yours, you see?

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