#agencylife: probably the biggest lying hashtag ever

Here it is. The truth! We live in a Kardashian’s world where everything we do, has to look perfect:

Our life: perfect,

Partner: supermodel

Car: pimping

Our career: blossoming with good time:

This is what all marketing agencies all around the world portray. You know, employer branding is the new way to go.

What is a Marketing agency?

A marketing agency is the place you must visit, the moment you have a new business idea, or planning an event, promotion, branding, and the list goes on. The right marketing firm should be strategic, as well as creative in order to supply the customer with the right, cost-effective solution.

Marketing agencies are mostly related to graphic design work: The fun stuff which you see in your magazine, billboard, or an ad pop up online amongst many.

But is it really fun?

In a way yes! When a bunch of creatives meet strategic, they do miracles. Creating a logo, branding, or a marketing concept from scratch gives endless satisfaction. And this is what we, the victims of #agencylife go through every day of our lives: Creating innovative solutions for our clients. Cool stuff!

Whilst this hashtag is complimented with a bunch of happy, smiling faces, cooking lunch, or sending flowers to their mum’s on mother’s day, or read well: Practicing yoga during office hours IN THE STUDIO! There is more to the #agencylife. There is a hidden, endless list which is never shown in the #agencylife storytelling. Want to know what this is? Here you go:

Time constraints

Given that marketing agency employees spend their working hours making toast and dressing up for Carnival, the client assumes that his 67-page brochure can be designed in a day. (If you work in an agency, you can see more irony in this)

The Copy and Paste mentality

Since design and web design work is done on a pc, one would easily conclude that there is not much time required to create an E-commerce website, or perhaps an audiovisual.

I don’t want anything special, All I need is…

This is the cause for an increase in heart rate for the Marketing executive, who probably just woke up from an afternoon nap since we do jack s$%t here at the #agencylife

Change of plans but deadline remains the same

Yes, because the client is always right  

Times New Roman or Comic Sans?

Let me tell you something about Times new  F#$%^ng Roman!.

Can I give you a free artwork?

Can you give me a free sofa?

Together with the endless list of ass breaking topics within the agency life, there is an even bigger list, describing probably the most fulfilling carreeer ever. The passion and drive which can only be found in the offices and studios of today’s marketing agencies are #priceless.

The real agency life is demanding as it is rewarding, just like any other job or career, and in having said it all, there is nothing in the world I would rather do than live the #agencylfe.

Yours truly,

Simon 🙂 .

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