6 Reasons why you Should Grow a Beard

In recent years, the full beard has become a common feature, steadily growing in popularity all over the world. When something grows in popularity, you get different reactions, some who will try the style and others who will criticise it, because they do not like it or cannot have it, in this case, grow it! This sense of style can be utilised to make a statement of seriousness and maturity, however, not everyone is too keen on a beard. Some will think that they are untidy, whilst others deem them a welcome addition to their existing style.

In this article, we give you enough benefits to keeping a beard. So there : Grow your beard woman!

Blocks UV Rays therefor: Fewer wrinkles

Research indicates that beards of a certain thickness can prevent about 95 per cent of the sun’s UV rays. Apart from the fact that it is less likely that you will get burnt by the sun, you are also protected against skin cancer. A beard protects your face against the sun’s rays and hence will take longer to develop wrinkles, making you look younger.

No acne

When shaving regularly, you are more likely to develop pimples and acne. If one has a beard, it is less likely that he develops acne as the underlying skin would be smooth. When shaving you are distributing the bacteria which can develop on your face.

More attractive

Oh yes! In one particular study, men were asked to shave their beards off and grow them back. At every stage of beard growth, a picture was taken. When all the research subjects grew their beards back, researchers selected samples of both males and females to review the pictures and provide their feedback. As the beards became fuller, there was a positive correlation with perceptions of maturity, attractiveness and health.


Beards are associated with a stronger sense of confidence. Those who have more confidence in themselves tend to be more successful in different aspects of life. Obviously, that does not mean that growing a beard will automatically ensure success.Though surely worth a try!

Gum protection

Having a beard will allow you to get an extra layer of protection against airborne bacteria and thus fight gum disease. With that said, the most effective way of preventing gum disease is by actually brushing your teeth. A beard will just give you that extra little bit of protection. If we say so.

In addition to the aesthetically pleasing part of keeping a beard, there are also other numerous benefits. Throw away that razor and let the beard grow. Don’t forget to keep it nice and tidy by regularly visiting the barber!

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