What to do when Visiting Morocco

Fitting all the things you can do in Morocco in just one article is not enough. Morocco is a marvellous North African destination which can appease everyone. It is renowned for its elements of adventure which include skiing and desert sand-boarding. Those who are into history and culture will undoubtedly appreciate the intrinsic richness of the Imperial Cities. Places like Chefchaouen are ideal for peace and relaxation whilst Taghazout and Essaouira boast beautiful beaches and are a temptation for surfers. In this article, we do our very best to give you a brief outline of the beauty of this country.


This town boasts historical significance. It was founded in the fifteenth century and served as a place of refuge during the Spanish Reconquista and for the Jews who fled the Nazis during the Second World War. Today it is celebrated for the beauty of its streets and unique buildings all painted in different shades of blue, where you can also see the distant mountain peaks. The scenery is definitely worth the trip.


The culinary experience in Morocco is unique and world-renowned. It combines different influences which make it extraordinarily pleasant. Signature dishes include tagine and harira. You will also have ample opportunity to book some cooking classes which teach you the secrets of this refined cuisine.

Sahara Desert

A magnificent place to spend a few nights. The sunrise and sunset are truly impeccable scenes to behold. You might also see some nocturnal desert creatures such as the jerboa and fennec fox.

Majorelle Gardens

Another place which is ideal for some peace, quiet and tranquillity. These gardens were designed in 1919 by French painter Jacque Majorelle. A picturesque place for a picnic to enjoy both the sunshine and shade amongst beautiful plants and water features.

Atlas Mountains

For those keen on hiking, the Atlas Mountains consist of over 1,500 miles. Such hikes are ideal in April or May when you can enjoy nice weather with little rain. Such hikes are ideal when you are accompanied by a guide.


Well, this may not be the first thing on your list when thinking about a holiday to Morocco. The slopes at the mountain resort of Oukaïmeden are just the place for some skiing activity.

Marrakesh’s Saadian Tombs

If you have an interest in history and would be intrigued to learn more about Morocco’s Sultans, make sure to visit the Saadian Tombs in Marrakesh. The tombs showcase very solid Arabic craftsmanship. Many of the sultans were buried here until a conflict arose and a dynasty claimed power and the tombs were closed off. They were rediscovered in 1917 and work was done to have them restored to their former glory.

Off to Morocco then?

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