The Maltese Want Free Fish

We write this article in the wake of the recent seabream media frenzy. As a nation we seem very much intrigued and open to the opportunity of anything which comes for free, irrespective of the quality and durability, just as long as it comes with no expense, we are fine with it. In this article we discuss some episodes and examples where the Maltese have illustrated their innate desire at getting stuff for free. What exactly makes us tick in this way? Is this something common across all people, irrespective of the nation?

Seabream frenzy

A few days ago, Malta was hit by one of the most severe thunderstorms in decades. Appeals were made for people to stay inside and numerous properties were damaged as a result of this storm. Damages include solar panels, barbecues flying from roofs and trees being unplugged from their roots and landing in the middle of roads. Amidst all this chaos and unbearable cold temperature, Xemxija hosted a number of self-proclaimed fishermen eagerly capturing seabream, one of the cheapest of fish, as they were landing in the middle of the road due to the storm and wind. The reason for this? Obviously free fish! So basically, we have had people risking their lives, a strong cold and even a broken arm or leg, simply for a few dozens of free fish. Worth the hassle? You decide!

Lidl BBQ

Do you remember the LIDL BBQ event? Apparently, Lidl was selling a BBQ grill at just 19.98 Euro. Quite a reasonably cheap price for a grill! A video highlighting a group of Maltese storming the entrance of Lidl at 6.30 in the morning was uploaded on YouTube, showcasing people pillaging the supermarket as they eagerly compete between themselves to get one of these babies. In the video:( )you could see a group of people in quite a long queue to make sure they don’t miss this once in a lifetime offer. Once the doors of the supermarket are opened, all hell breaks loose! This video was taken around ten years ago, but will still bring a grin to your face by just spending three minutes viewing it.

Buying at the market

Ever been to the market seeing people buying a kilo of fish or any other food/clothes related items? If you pay attention to the negotiation part, you will notice a number of people asking for special and reduced prices. Knocking off just a few Euros which will not make any difference in the long-term will see such customers leaving with a smile on their faces.


The flair for negotiation will not stop at just petty items. You can take a safe bet that even when buying a property, it will simply not sell at the original asking price. There will be some form of negotiation aimed at reducing the asking price. In most scenarios, the price will be reduced.

So do you think this is just a Malta based concept?

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