40 year olds must only work for 5 Hours daily

We hear a lot that extended periods of work are unsustainable, especially as you progress through your middle ages. A number of news reports and studies highlight that there are several benefits with working less especially when you hit your forties. Let’s face it, as you grow older your capacity to work will decline and you will tend to focus on the more important things in life, such as family and sustainable living.

With that said, when considering the pros and cons, it may not be at all too ideal to reduce your working hours even when you hit your sixties, let alone your forties! With today’s life expectations and expenses, working less when you hit your forties is simply unsustainable, especially when considering that it is that age where you can push for a big promotion into senior management. Deciding to work less will impact your career progression negatively and reduce your chances of earning more money.

If you have invested significantly in property, you are most likely paying a loan that is difficult to repay completely before you hit your forties. Working less will not be of any help if you are still paying your mortgage. In this regard, working fewer hours will be detrimental if you want to make another investment such as buying a second property for rent. This will affect your long-term financial sustainability and will leave you in a bigger chance of vulnerability as you reach retirement age.

Reducing your workload at forty can also leave you in a state where you feel less accomplished with life and less things to do. Apart from the financial aspect, work gives you a sense of purpose, pride and achievement, which might be difficult to let go of. It may also be unhealthy for your body and mind to spend numerous hours idle, without thinking or working on anything.

Apart from this, you will notice that a number of people continue to outperform as they progress into old age. Have a look at Manchester United’s legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson, who continued to make successful strides in the Premier League in his sixties and seventies. Warren Buffet, also another world-leading businessman made phenomenal stock market moves in his eighties. We are slowly developing an economy where we will need to follow such steps of working beyond retirement, especially when considering that pensions are not expected to be of much support in the coming years. Let’s not forget that pensions were created in a time where people would only get to benefit from them for a few years. People are living longer now. You should also cater for the fact that filling up the day becomes a struggle if you are not engaged with work.

For how long do you expect to play golf and run around on the beach?

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