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Why Should you Buy Online Locally?

Buying online is no longer the future. It is THE well-known present. People strive for convenience and online shopping provides precisely just that. Browsing through online shops and choosing whatever items you please from the comfort of your own home and pyjamas is the convenience we have grown to expect. Whether it is clothes or any other gadgets, we have become all the more confident in making purchases online which do not come cheap. In this regard, there are some risks you need to consider as well. You will need to be careful as some unreliable suppliers may scam you by taking your money and never deliver the product. In this article, we discuss the benefits of buying online locally.


When buying online locally, you are more likely to know the company you are purchasing from. If you are uncertain you could always ask someone and information would be easily accessible. The fact that you know a supplier’s reputation gives you peace of mind that whatever you are buying will be delivered promptly and with the promised quality. The level of familiarity also makes you feel more secure when sharing your credit card details.

Only a phone call away

If you have any questions or concerns, it is easy to address these via a telephone call. Following your online purchase, you can also easily give additional feedback and inquire about the delivery date. This makes the shopping experience easier.

After sales

Dealing with a local supplier enables a more effective after sales relationship. If the product does not measure to your expectations or was delivered damaged, it is easier to establish communication and find a solution.

Helping the local business

Buying locally allows you to build a relationship and help a business within the same country or region.

Geographical convenience

If things still do not go well, do not fear. In Malta, where practically everywhere is reachable within forty-five minutes, you can easily visit the physical store and make amends there.

Whilst strongly recommending buying online locally, we also advise safe shopping. One of our recommendations is to always buy from reliable online retailers. Ideally ones you already have tried and tested to your satisfaction. Always buy from websites that have an SSL (secure sockets layer). A rule of thumb would be to check the URL and confirm that it starts with https instead of http.

Develop a habit of regularly checking your statements. That way you can keep track of your online expenses and ensure that you are not being overcharged.

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