9 of the million things Women Talk About

Aren’t we all curious about what women actually talk about when they meet for their girls’ nights? You would be surprised to know that women talk about everything and anything. If it crosses your mind, women are most likely talking about it. No topic is too sensitive to discuss in women’s circles. When compared to men’s topics, women are more avant-garde. Men tend to discuss safe topics such as sports, finance and work. Do you imagine two men having a discussion about erectile dysfunction? It can be easily noticed that women discuss topics which require a higher level of sensitive disclosure.

Rich men

Always a topical discussion. Rich men have a certain allure and will be one of the subjects during female conversations. The job he does, the clothes he wears and the stuff he bought are all important areas of discussion.

Period pains/late period

Isn’t it obvious? The once a month turmoil where all the world comes to an end, and moods swings Kick in. It is ok, she is on her period. In some cases, like twice-yearly her period is late, so all hell starts to slowly break loose! Oh my God, I think I’m pregnant!


If you thought it was only the guys who talk about sex, think again! Women also like to indulge in the occasional sex discussion with their peers.

Bitching in general

The regular bitching is also part of the agenda. I mean, that’s what bitches do! After all, there is always the victim chick who will be talked about behind her back without her knowing, and if there isn’t, one is quickly created, in no time! Some level of degradation and abuse would not go amiss either, just like fries with burgers: that easy! With that said, don’t be at all too surprised if you see the bitcher and the bitchee on your Instagram feed smiling together with a ‘#bestie ‘in the description.

Poor choice of clothes

Did you see what she was wearing? My God, how embarrassing! I wouldn’t wear something like that even if they killed me. Such comments would normally be directed at the person who wears cheap clothes, or at times dresses better than the bitches. (please refer to Bitching in general)

Complain about their men (DUH!)

The tragedies women endure are unspeakable. No wonder they complain that their husband is always working late, seldom cooks and leaves his socks on the floor. The tragedy!

Out of shoes and bags

Women never have enough shoes and bags. Irrespective of the amounts they own and the continued purchases, there is always a real struggle in finding the right pair of shoes and the matching bag.

Unwanted attention (unwanted my ass)

That guy who followed her on Instagram and Liked her Facebook photo in the space of three days. What a freak. Seriously, some guys should just know when to give in.


The ex-boyfriend is always to blame and no amount of sheer hatred directed at him is ever enough. The more it is emphasised that without his ex-girlfriend, he is nothing, the better.

So these are just nine of the millions of topics women tend to discuss. Anything else you want to add? There are 999991 more 🙂

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