4 Signs you are Dealing with a Narcissist

You may be encountering or have endured a phase in your life dealing with someone who is constantly seeking attention, admiration and praise, however, always seems to neglect your needs. Such people may also believe that they are superior to everyone else and expect to be treated as such and hurl out insults at the slightest issue, but will blow up in tantrums at the smallest hint of criticism. If this is the case, in a nutshell, you may be dealing with a narcissist. In this article, we will be discussing the typical traits of narcissists.

So what is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

The term ‘narcissist’ is thrown around lightly in our social media culture where we are constantly absorbed in our own self-image. Often the term is directed at those who are very conscious about their appearance and are conceited. A typical trait of narcissists is that they are very much so in love with an inflated sense of their selves.  They are associated with arrogance, lack of empathy and excessive need for recognition. Other adjectives include being cocky, manipulative, selfish and demanding. This sort of behaviour extends to all life aspects, including family and friends.

They are extremely difficult to change, even when this behaviour causes them problems. A narcissist’s escape route is to blame others for their shortcomings. This sort of behaviour makes it difficult for others to stand up to them and would figure that it is best to give up to their demands, as it is easier. So what are the typical traits?

Grandiose sense of self

One of the major traits of narcissists. This unrealistic sense of superiority and feelings of being unique and special are key identifiers. They always seek to be at the forefront of society’s circles, where average and ordinary simply don’t make the list. To sustain this image, they will over-exaggerate their achievements and blatantly lie about their talents. You will hear them talk about how great they are and their superior career heights.

Living in a made-up world

They live in a world where they are constantly depicted as a key reference point. They create these self-glorifying stories of success, power, wealth and attractiveness to cover the void and emptiness within them. Any form of feedback which does not conform to their state of utopia is met with aggression and denial.

Constant praise

Their sense of superiority is cultivated by constant compliments and recognition. An occasional positive remark is not enough. Positive feedback has to be provided on a regular basis. Their relationships are very one-sided, always being about them and never about the other party.


Considering they feel special, they will pretend to be treated better than others. They are firmly committed to getting what they want and when they want it. Their sense of expectation is also unrealistic as they want others to comply with their vision and will seek to viciously eliminate whoever stands in their way.

They can be very manipulative and charming. It is very easy to fall in a narcissist’s trap of grandeur, but be careful! With a narcissist, you cannot expect reliability and they will betray and dump you at the first moment you are not useful to them.

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