So long, Farewell to Apple Products

Apple is a giant. No denying this. If you were asked to think, and list the big companies in the world, the Trump businesses, Facebook, Amazon and others will come to mind, but surely, Apple is likely to make it in your top five. The epitome of cool and sophistication,

Apple products tend to say a lot about their users. Users of Apple tend to appear as slick and of expensive tastes, where only the very best in terms of technology suffices. They also boast a mark of quality and reliability and make users feel like they are part of a certain community. Whilst we have become accustomed to Apple being a top brand and worldwide leader, recent news speaks of sales declines and spiralling share value. In this article, we discuss some of the potential reasons for Apple’s recent years of uncertainty.

iPhone losing its appeal

Countless models of the iPhone have been released, each met with its own waves of buyers eagerly awaiting to purchase and try out the latest Apple has to offer. Whilst this was indeed a lengthy trend, people seem to be growing out of the iPhone and may be enticed by new and different products. People may also see lesser value at buying the latest models, not really sure about what the new features contain and whether it is worth to change their existing smartphone.

Why dish out a thousand Euro or more for a phone?

Why dish out a thousand Euro or more for a phone which you are doubtful as to whether it is better than the one you actually have? This indicates a struggle for Apple in maintaining the relevance it used to have in years gone by and is sustained by the fact that it has recently decided to stop disclosing its iPhone sales figures.

Expensive Apple products

When there is less value associated with a new product, it becomes dubbed as uselessly expensive. People may prefer to spend their money in other avenues, which may yield them a better value in the future. This is especially so when considering that a simple accident can lead you to several expenses such as a screen repair etc.

Lack of product diversity

Innovation is key to maintaining the growth of such a brand. The fact that iPhone sales’ decline is impacting Apple so much is a clear indication that it may be over-reliant on just one product. A strong brand will need to have several back-up plans to ensure that it is prepared once one strong product reaches a state of maturity, where it can no longer grow.


For a number of years, Apple was seen to be at the pinnacle of technological innovation. In recent years, their standing has been marred by controversy. One of the recent controversies was Apple’s admission of the slowing down of older iPhones with new product releases. Other problems include the overheating of the highly awaited MacBook Pro which needed a return to the drawing board following launch.

What’s the future for Apple?

With a global brand with significant equity and declining sales, Apple will need to revisit its strategy to maintain its standing in the coming years. Surely said, Apple can be recognised as the world’s top technology brands, and will surely resurrect with an astounding new design or product, something only Apple can do: WOW the entire world.

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