5 Traits of Rich People

Let’s start off this article by stating a less obvious fact. Rich and successful people aren’t different from the financially average because they have more money. They are different because they have a set of personality traits which makes them successful. Research across five thousand wealthy and successful individuals, conducted by financial editor Jean Chatzky, highlights key personality traits within this segment. In this article we discuss such traits and how they can help you improve your financial situation.

Motivation and optimism

People who are self-motivated and optimistic are more likely to be successful in life. Being happy with what you do is essential in achieving your potential. Having a positive mindset is crucial in solving life’s problems, including financial ones. With a good dose of motivation, you are likely to learn more from your mistakes and use the experiences gained to achieve better results.


Life experiences are not always easy. One of the downsides of challenging yourself and leaving your comfort zone is that you will encounter difficult experiences and will need to solve new problems, never faced before. These scenarios build character and make you stronger for the future, strengthening resilience and endurance. The key here is to take the challenge head on, without letting it stop you!


No man is an island. We weren’t made to operate on our own and business definitely does not succeed if you close doors and build walls. People who are wealthy understand who they should build relationships with, to enjoy mutual benefits. Businesses, in their earlier stages, will depend a lot on referrals and positive word of mouth. This illustrates the importance of good relationships.


Successful people are passionate about what they do. Failure is simply a lesson and will fill them with more passion to achieve more. Lacking such a drive will diminish your results.

Healthy financial habits

Apart from generating strong and sustainable sources of income, wealthy and successful people also know how to take good care of their money. Investing your money, instead of spending it on things which will not render a good return is paramount. In a nutshell, rich people are also savers who make long-term plans. Saving money is not fun, which is why you will need long-term goals you can dream about to make it all worthwhile.

Apart from such traits, people who are successful, also have a sense of gratitude. They give back to society and those who are less fortunate. I’m guessing this should come naturally to everyone.

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