Will Robots Take Over?

The concept of robots taking over the world has long been associated with a Hollywood idea. The stand-off between man and machine is an idea that many Hollywood directors flirted with, releasing movies which capture our imagination and leave us in awe as we try to comprehend such a scenario where humans are the lesser race. Our society is becoming more reliant on Artificial Intelligence (AI), creating convenience and smoother operations.

In today’s business world, AI is an ideal tool for customer service. Such examples include the automated changing of a billing address or any other payment details. In this regard, we can see that AI is teaming up with people to deliver a more efficient customer service.

Technology which is unleashed today for the use of businesses consists of AI listening to customer conversations in real time. When a customer is discussing his issues via telephone, the AI may help the customer support representative by indicating the purchase history of the customer and the previous problems he called for to address. Here, our customer support representative is given a snapshot of the customer’s history and will be able to better understand how he can address the problem. Advanced AI can also provide sample replies for the consideration of the representative. AI is likely to develop as a necessity, as a calculator is for an accountant. This is the way we need to think of AI, not simply as a nice to have.

AI is likely to impact every aspect of our lives, which includes transport, education, home management, entertainment and the job market. The substantial developments unfolding simply cannot be contained.

One of the developments includes self-driving cars. Do you imagine yourself going to work without having to drive? Just like having your own virtual chauffeur to drive you around! Whilst the enhanced levels of convenience are not up for debate, the potential issues which may arise from a security breach may be highly damaging, especially when you are not in control.

In our normal day-to-day, imagine having robotic vacuum cleaners clean your home whilst you can stay on your living room sofa catching up with your favourite show. Just imagine the potential of voice recognition, where you can give instructions to have your air conditioner switched on or off.

Many are concerned that AI will replace their skill-set and leave them jobless. With that said, AI is more likely to create new jobs, not replace people. A practical example would be that recruitment professionals are now using mind mapping software to determine candidate traits, to increase the chances of a successful hiring outcome and reduce interviewer bias.

With the vast developments in AI, we can expect an exciting future and a change in the societal landscape.

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