Who Should Wash the Dishes?

A modern-day lifestyle where both parents work has re-defined the roles that both partners play in the management of a household. Following a long day at the office, working on home chores can be the last thing on your mind and can eventually spark an argument with your loved ones. Even the most minute thing such as washing the dishes can create an argument or misunderstanding between spouses. Consistent arguments about house chores can create distance and strain in a relationship, therefore such conflicts should not be dubbed as simple everyday rituals.

Ideally, to maintain a better relationship, home chores should be split equally. Certain tasks such as laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping are regular chores. Some might find no issue with doing them, whilst others may find them unbearable. In reality, irrespective of which category you place such chores, responsibilities should be shared so that balance is maintained.

You should also think about getting your kids involved in home chores. If they are still young, developing the discipline of doing their bed would be a great place to start. If they are in their teens, they should also be involved in vacuuming, taking out the trash and washing the dishes.

The trick is to make household chores a team-based activity where every family member has his area of responsibility based on a task list created by the parents. Apart from the convenience that the work is distributed, this will also help children grow into mature adults.

In this regard, it is also important to take turns at different home tasks. It would not be fair on any family member to perform the same repeated chores just because nobody else wants to! For a certain week, you may be in charge of the cooking whilst for the next you can take on the laundry. This approach will also clearly illustrate to the kids that chores are not gender dependent and acquiring these home skills will serve well for when they have a place of their own.

To keep things organised, you should also have a roster of sorts which lists all tasks and which family member is responsible for what. This way you foster a home culture of accountability. You can set such a list as you please, be it either on a piece of paper or a sticky note on the refrigerator!

See? this lady is so happy doing the cleaning (haha)

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