Weddings Costs: The Start of a Financial Crisis

For some, a wedding is defined as the happiest day of their life. The related stress of the entire event organisation and the attention to the most minute of details culminate in this special day, where the event lasts for about a few hours. Whilst a wedding is definitely an ideal scenario to showcase true love followed by many years of happiness, it can be a financially crippling experience. Although love may be free, sealing the deal with a wedding will cost big bucks and unless you are financially prepared, it can lead to turmoil. So what are the things likely to eat your budget when planning a wedding?


Let’s get the most obvious out of the way first. Food and beverage are likely to cater to approximately fifty per cent of your expenses. Selecting food items wisely with a set budget in mind may be difficult, especially when considering the different options such as the setting up of food tables in addition to the finger food. Also, with a wide variety of food items available, it can be quite difficult to draw the line and say enough is enough. The same, although to a lesser extent can be said for beverages. Even though standard packages are set, it may be a bit too hard to steer away from the fine expensive beverages which will surely impress your guests. Considering that in such events alcohol is charged on a consumption basis, you can be in for an unexpected surprise once you get the bill.


The band you choose will surely have an impact on how much your guests will enjoy themselves. Choosing an entertainment provider who can resonate with your audience is most definitely important and will influence the overall perception of your wedding. The amount of money invested is surely significant and it will only benefit you to choose the right entertainment provider of quality. Modern weddings are also featuring a deejay who takes centre stage during the later hours of the wedding for the enjoyment of the younger people.


In certain cases, you may also incur a venue charge. This depends on the venue selected, however, the cost of catering may not always incorporate the expense of actually making use of the venue on the day.

Attire, flower arrangements and transport

Choosing who will wear what is definitely a point of contention and will most likely impact your expense amount. Professional flower arrangements uplift the venue’s attractiveness, however, you will need to make sure not to go overboard, after all, there are many other priorities to plan ahead for. You will also need to factor in the cost of chauffeur drive services which will also take their toll on your finances.

Photographer and videographer

We hope that you will look back at your wedding day with fond memories. A photographer and videographer’s mission should be to capture the best moments of your wedding so that you can view these as the years go by. This also costs money which is why you should establish these expenses from the offset.

Failing to plan, equates to planning to fail and a wedding is no exception. Save modestly and plan your wedding according to your financial capacity. In a society where more people are separating each day than getting married, it is simply not worth the suffering of crippling yourself financially just to overexaggerate on your wedding day!

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