Most Marriages End in Ruins. Why?

Recent statistics published in the news indicate that more people are separating, rather than getting married. May be shocking for some and less for others. In contemporary society, the sanctity of marriage has diminished, with more and more couples opting for separation once things go haywire. Society has developed in a certain way where the permanence of marriage has become less valued. In this article we discuss some of the reasons as to why we are seeing more separations and marital breakdowns.

Independent spouses.

Over the recent times, it has become the norm that both spouses have their own job and a lack of dependence on one another. In the past where males used to work and females stayed at home, there was a certain dependence on the male’s salary, leaving their female counterparts in a more vulnerable state. With that said, women were more tolerant of the male’s attitudes, considering they were the sole providers of income. Considering that women now have their own careers, they do not need to put up with a male partner that they feel less inclined to agree with, since they are not dependent on him.

Stressful lifestyles.

Couples are constantly trying to keep up with busy schedules, errands and expenses. These stressful scenarios are likely to culminate at home, through frustration and arguments. In less attractive scenarios, these problems start impacting the personal lifestyle and thus the intimate relationship. These stressful episodes may put a lot of strain, making couples feel emotionally and physically drained. This makes household chores another burden, which leads to further arguments as to who will take on what.


Money is the root of all evil. The pressure of keeping up with your commitments can take a big chunk out of your energy, especially in a society of instant gratification, where it is easy to fall in the loop of buy now, pay later. Over the span of time, this can take its toll, leaving couples stretched, stressed and frustrated. Money can also be an issue if one of the spouses earns significantly more than the other. A spouse may expect the less earning one to keep up with a lavish lifestyle, which could not be afforded. This creates strain as both spouses have different life expectations.


People change: We have grown accustomed to a society of constant change. In the past, such change used to be frowned upon, however in recent years it has become quite a trend. It has become the norm to change things, such as your job, house, career, and also more recently your partner. This is made easier by the societal acceptance of both separation and divorce, coupled with the media which tends to portray marital breakdowns and finding new partners as the normal course of life.

In view of the fact that monogamous relationships no longer seem the most attractive route, what are your views about marriage? Is this still a worthwhile avenue?

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