Men and their Cars

Men enjoy cars which deliver high performance and boast a certain style. This is an undeniable fact! Research confirms that men purchase cars with a preference towards superior horsepower when compared to women. Men buy cars from a more emotional viewpoint, even when it is less affordable and there would be other options which are of higher value for money. A bargain car may not always be a man’s preference. In this article, we discuss why men are so obsessed with their cars and tend to think of them as an extension of their own self.

Men love adrenaline.

Cars give us a sense of freedom, adventure and control. When manoeuvring through an empty street with a high-power vehicle, this gives us a certain rush not commonly found anywhere else.

Social status.

Whilst it pertains to our instincts, it is also an indication of our social standing. Driving a luxurious sports car will give the impression that you are of a fine taste and can afford the sophisticated things in life. When you have both these elements combined, you will understand why cars are so much of an appeal to men. When making a dream car one of your life’s objectives, most likely you will need to work hard for it.

Men tend to develop emotional relationships with their car much faster when compared to women, since they treat their vehicle as an extension of themselves. Women tend to share a similar feel towards their homes but a car to them is mostly treated as a separate entity. For women, a car is more of a convenience or commodity.

Women love their men’s cars.

There is also the fact that the car a man drives is complementary to his sex appeal. Without stating that a car alone is enough to attract a female’s attention, let’s just say that a sexy, expensive sports car does help.

Means of relaxation.

The psychological element also plays a part when it comes to cars. They are obedient and respond to our slightest touch. They don’t disagree or expect us to change. Putting it simply, cars are the most alive non-living thing ever created. In times of sadness, they also serve as solace. Feeling down? Sometimes all you may need is a good drive from one end to the other well after rush hour, as you contemplate your thoughts.

Finally, their best benefits is that cars do not complain or get jealous when we check out other cars, or others check yours out!

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