Cocaine and the Rich

Cocaine, like any other drug is illegal in most countries in the world. Drugs are deadly, they create social problems and are the example of short term solutions which give long term side effects.

A lot of drugs, especially cocaine may be consumed by different people from various walks of life. You would be surprised, however, how much social status plays a part in the reasons why people turn to cocaine. Poor and non-wealthy individuals may resort to cocaine to relieve themselves of their life problems and struggles, whilst the rich may seek it as a form of the recreational drug to enjoy themselves within their private circles. In this article, we discuss why those in wealthier circles tend to indulge in cocaine, and also the short and longer-term effects.


Wealthy people may use cocaine for relaxation and entertainment to clear their heads after stressful work periods. In such scenarios, people are more likely to turn to snort cocaine rather than injecting themselves.

Social Status.

Cocaine is a rich man’s drug and taking it for recreational purposes will indicate that you are able to afford such a commodity.

Liberal society.

In the past, drug abuse was very much frowned upon and almost a cardinal sin. Today, like many other things, even if illegal, it has become quite common in various high-class social circles, even though it is illegal.


It is proclaimed that cocaine gives one a certain boost and rush of adrenaline once it is snorted. This rush gives one the confidence to do things one would not normally do and would also feel invincible.

Keeps you concentrated.

In today’s busy world, we are bombarded with high sales targets, demanding work schedules, resulting in ridiculous hours at the office. One cannot afford delays or mistakes. Cocaine apart from the million negative repercussions has the power of keeping you focused and concentrated. It provides the energy one needs and it does it right away. To this extreme, cocaine is not only found in party and fun venues, but it is also consumed in high-stress workplaces.

The effects of cocaine vary from one individual to the other. A number of factors such as one’s size, weight and health are relevant to the overall impact of cocaine. Of course, the amount taken and whether other drugs have been consumed are also highly relevant here. In this regard, it is essential to mention that there is no safe level of drug use. Any quantity carries risk. Even medication can bring on some unexpected side effects, let alone a drug such as cocaine! The effects can last from a few minutes to a couple of hours, depending on how it was taken.

In low to moderate doses, people may feel an immediate rush, and feelings of euphoria and invincibility. This may be accompanied with increased talkativeness and overestimated feelings of intelligence, mental capacity and physical strength. Some negative side effects such as anxiety, panic, aggressive behaviour and enlarged eye pupils may also follow. People who take low to moderate amounts of cocaine may experience higher blood pressure and increased heart rate.

Higher doses of cocaine can lead to overdose, which means that the body has consumed more of the substance than it can cope with. The chances of overdose increase when one is not familiar with the strength and purity of the cocaine. Apart from the repercussions of overdose, high consumption of cocaine can bring to the fore severe anxiety, paranoia, muscle twitching, sleep disorders, kidney failure, brain damage and heart attack, amongst other serious conditions.

Rich or poor, steer away from this dangerous substance. An unfortunate turn of events may lead you into a world of addiction and declining health.

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