Abortion IS the Choice to Kill

This article is far from political. It’s our turn to make an effort and ask you: Can you think it over before committing the worst mistake ever? let’s fight evil with love.

Abortion is the allowed act of killing: The act of ending the life of a human embryo or fetus inside the female womb. Although always a heated topic of discussion, recently it has been put under the limelight with different opinions from two very opposing views. In a nutshell, the discussion revolves around the rights of an unborn baby versus the rights of the female, with some arguing that she has the right to terminate a pregnancy before it happens, via an abortion.

Our stance has and will always be against abortion. The termination of a vulnerable life can never be justified, irrespective of any reason brought to the fore. No one has the right to end another person’s life! We implore those who have encountered an unexpected pregnancy to stay strong and not give in to a choice they may regret for the rest of their life. A baby brings happiness to a family and deserves all the love it can get.

Females resort to abortion when they experience unwanted pregnancies due to situations of financial distress, relationship problems, or the probability of being single parents. Statistics show that abortion is most common amongst teenagers rather than adults.  

Abortion procedures

Although people may understand what the word abortion means, many may not be well versed of what the procedures of abortion entail. In the initial stages of pregnancy, the most common abortion type would be a vacuum aspiration. Following thirteen weeks, dilation and evacuation take place.

Psychological impacts post-abortion

Research indicates a correlation between the act of abortion and future mental health issues. Women who perform an abortion are more likely to have future mental health problems than those who do not. Women with a history of abortion are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression and drug abuse.

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