5 Tips to Modernise your Home

You may have just bought a new home or else want to revitalise your current property into something more contemporary. A modern style is something which has become more trendy in recent times and may allow you to increase the value of your home. In this article, we discuss some tips which will help you modernise your home.

Open plan

An open plan is a key feature in a modern home and is becoming a trend across different types of properties. At first, it was implemented mostly in apartments but now it is becoming a trendy feature in terraced houses and townhouses. The benefits of an open plan include additional light which is allowed to stream in across the entire area. Houses which used to consist of separate kitchen, living and dining rooms are now having these integrated together by breaking down the walls, achieving a modern style. Complementing the open plan style are kitchens boasting islands as their central feature and minimalistic living room designs. Freeing up space is also conducive to modern design. This could be the right time to get rid of bulky furniture which serves as an eyesore in your living and dining areas.

More light

You will need to re-think the lighting set-up within your home. The right light can truly bring life to your rooms. Poor light, on the other hand, can easily create the impression of dark, old and unattractive. The open plan mentioned earlier is a good way to have more light, but there are other ways you can achieve this. The easiest way would be to invest in both table and floor lamps. Strategically placed, these can provide a different perspective to your home.

Maximise your outdoor area

If your home has an outdoor area, it would be a shame to leave it un-fully utilised. A BBQ area, an outdoor table and some chairs, accompanied by plants and nice light, and you have set a wonderful entertainment area to treat your guests and friends.

Create a man cave

Whilst some of our female readers won’t get this, a man cave is increasing in its popularity. It has now become quite a trendy home design feature to set an area which is ideal to get the boys over and watch the game together. Let your imagination run wild with a poker table, bar and a billiard table! Sorry ladies, this one just isn’t for you!

Clean and paint

When you are unsure of the strategy you should adopt to make your home more modern, turn to cleaning and painting. The new fresh paint and the sparkly look is already a step forward in making your home feel more modern.

Any more ideas on how to modernise your home? Share them with us!

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