The Value of Time

Time is a beautiful topic. Everyone will have his own perception about the value of time and how it should be spent. One thing is for certain, it is life’s best teacher. It is also quite unique because all of us are given the same amount of time daily, it is up to us to decide how to invest it. It does not discriminate, by job, income, social status or intelligence. Time can help people improve their life situation by either making them wealthier, smarter and gives a second chance when required.

Time is also valuable because unlike money you can never get it back. Time wasted can never be recovered, and it has the power to fill us with regret at lost opportunities, which we may never have the time to aspire for again. In a more practical and daily context, time defines us. Our ability to manage our time effectively can shift us from success into a failure and vice-versa. Your qualities in the workplace are heavily influenced by how much you are capable of delivering within a short span of time.

Not only in our work place but also in most other aspects of life, we are judged by how we respect the time. If one is constantly late for meetings or appointments, his perception in the eyes of others may extend to being unreliable, unorganised and to a certain extent, less capable. When one shows up late, his actions may be interpreted as disrespectful, since he is not respecting other people’s time.

When comparing time with money, you will notice that the former is much more important. You can get more money but you can never increase or get back your time. You cannot save or borrow it. Once you understand the true value of time, you will then appreciate the importance of time management. Our time in this world is limited and we need to respect our mortality so we must invest our time in the most important things. We will also need to allocate sufficient time for our loved ones. No one in their death bed ever complained about not working enough, people regret the time they did not spend with their loved ones.

Managing our time effectively is key. Respecting our time limitations is also an important sign of growth and maturity. We hear a lot about investing money and resources when in reality we should really focus most on how we invest our time.

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