Inferiority Complex

You will surely be able to identify a time in your life where you have felt inferior. In a society where a constant comparison with our friends and peers is normal, it is quite common to single out a key thing which someone is better than you. Be it a job, an academic qualification, income or any other thing which you can compete for, you are likely to have encountered a scenario where someone is better than you at something. This can lead to feelings of inferiority. If this happens often, you may be suffering from inferiority complex.

Although inferiority complex is mostly renowned as something negative, it all depends on how one reacts to such feelings. It is the belief of certain psychologists that such feelings can serve as motivators to aim higher and achieve more. So do you think you have an inferiority complex? In this article, we discuss some trends which indicate you may suffer from inferiority complex.

Not being able to take your own decisions.

People discuss ideas and topics, it is very normal, however in the end of the day, one has to realise that relying on other people’s thoughts or opinions, or living your life based on other people’s experiences, will never help you build the confidence you need to face the struggles and decisions of everyday. This is the first thing you do if you are not confident of yourself. Tackling this issue will be the beginning of change.

Seeking constant approval

You are consistently seeking validation from other people. Other people’s approval provides you with a sense of short-term relief. Their lack of approval, on the other hand, fills you with anxiety and a certain craving to get it. This is detrimental for the individual as his happiness becomes solely influenced by the perception of others. Some might be pre-conditioned from childhood, seeking to constantly please and make their parents proud. Although it is understandable that parents want their children to achieve their potential, this could have repercussions in the long-term.

Giving yourself less priority

You are always concerned with how people feel and put your needs behind those of others. This is driven by the fact that people with an inferiority complex feel less worthy and are concerned with their perception. In the long-term this can create feelings of sadness and depression.

Unable to accept constructive feedback

In life we will all encounter times where we are provided with constructive feedback, aimed at identifying certain weaknesses and improving on them. People with an inferiority complex are insecure and will interpret such feedback as an attack and are more likely to respond with hostility. This should not be the case as feedback is essential for our growth and development.

Constantly seeking compliments

People with an inferiority complex are constantly seeking to be complemented by others and their peers. Although it is normal to feel pleased when others acknowledge your qualities and contributions, this can be a problem if you become overly reliant on it. This is more so especially when you need to continue doing your work at the expected level with an extended period of time without being praised.

Focussing on other people’s downsides

Since people with inferiority complex constantly endure negative emotions, they are more likely to view others in a pessimistic way. Since they do not feel good about themselves, they want others to be worse and in turn, it makes them feel better.

If you think that you suffer from inferiority complex, remember one thing! Feeling and being inferior are two totally different things. You are not inferior. Nobody is. We are human beings with a task. Know what your task is and do not be afraid to live up to your own expectations. In addition to that, everyone has negative qualities, so in reality, it is up to you to showcase your positive sides and use them to your advantage.

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