Got Beef?

Nothing really matches the culinary sensation of a nicely cooked Burger, beef steak or ribeye with a nice bottle of red wine. The taste and experience are ones we can surely get accustomed to and enjoy as much as possible. The consumption of beef is much more satisfying than most other dishes which include white meats, pasta and vegetables but has long been the target of discussion as to whether it is a healthy meal option.

In many instances, you will hear that it should be consumed on a less frequent basis. Red meat such as beef, lamb and veal should be consumed less since they are high in cholesterol and saturated fat. With that said, there is space for red meat in a healthy diet. This is heavily dependent on the meat type and the portion consumed. Contrary to the usual mantra that red meat is unhealthy, we will be discussing some of the health benefits in this article.


Red meat is a good source of protein. The type of protein gained from red meat contains all the amino acids you will need to build muscle and repair tissue. It provides you with the required energy to engage in physical exercise whilst producing enzymes and hormones which steer illnesses away, keeping you healthy. Apart from this, protein is also associated with weight loss since it allows you to satisfy your hunger and feel full for an extended period of time.

B Vitamins

B Vitamins present in red meat are contributory to blood health and the nervous system. One of the B Vitamins is niacin which is beneficial for digestion and another is riboflavin which is conducive for healthy eyes and skin.


Consuming meat once or twice a week allows you to gain sufficient amounts of iron that your body requires. The right amount of iron allows your red blood cells to transfer enough oxygen to all the necessary areas of your body. A lack of iron may be detrimental as it can bring with it a lack of energy and temperamental issues.


The intake of meat allows you to gain the benefits of zinc. Some of the most important benefits include a stronger immune system and a healthier brain. It also helps to build body mass.

Although red meat consists of a number of health benefits, in most cases it is high in cholesterol and saturated fat. Balance is key here, so you will need to pay attention to the beef type and quantity consumed. In this regard, you should avoid processed red meat which may contain chemical additives for the purpose of preserving flavours. Excessive consumption of such may lead to a detriment in health.

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