Feeling underappreciated at work

Is your Work Underappreciated?

It is said many times that people do not leave companies, they leave managers. The extent to how much you feel appreciated at work will heavily depend on your relationship with your boss and the chemistry between you. Being appreciated and growing in a company go hand in hand, and to achieve this you will need the support of your boss. During certain career moments, many will wonder and have doubts as to whether their boss appreciates their work. In this article we discuss some signs which show that your work is not appreciated.

You are treated like a robot

In a working relationship where everything is focused on output with no recognition on a job well done and an over inflation on the smallest of inaccuracies, you will start to doubt, that your boss does not value your work. When the relationship with your leader is solely transactional with no human connection, it will become quite easy to feel that all your efforts are futile.

No career planning

Leaders who value their employees spend time to discuss their career progression. If no such discussion was ever held, it is a strong indication that you are not valuable to your leader. In companies where employees feel that they are simple commodities and can be replaced easily, motivation will lack and decrease.

No personal development

Another red flag is when your boss does not invest in your professional development. If you are not being given the opportunity to expand your skill-set via training and courses, or else being exposed to new projects and work experiences, it is highly indicative that your performance is not deemed as critical.

No valuable tasks

You are not as appreciated if you are not given high priority tasks and exciting projects. If you are constantly given the boring and repetitive work which no one else wants to do, it means you are not treated in high regard. This does not apply if your job requires repetition. If you are not happy with your situation you may wish to discuss with your superiors and ask for other opportunities.

No time for you

If your emails are overlooked, your phone calls are unanswered and your requests for meetings are declined, it means that your boss has other priorities which are well ahead of you. If your tasks are not aligned with your leader’s high priorities, it means that your work is less valuable to him and you have less leverage to justify growth within your organisation. On the other hand, if your boss values you, there will be time allocated for your requirements.

No interest in your personal life

Although it is ideal to avoid mixing business and pleasure, there is no harm in your boss knowing about your life struggles. Getting to know the person builds a human connection and your boss is more likely to sympathise during particular periods where you have some trouble. Having a boss who does not want to build this relationship indicates a lack of interest in your well-being, both personally and professionally.

No regular feedback

We owe it to ourselves to seek and receive constructive feedback which enables us to optimise our performance. If your boss does not allocate time to give you feedback to improve, this indicates that your work does not mean a lot to him.

No recognition

If your tasks are completed to a superior standard and you are managing a busy workflow well, you would expect that at some point you will be given some recognition. Work which is not appreciated is not normally given the limelight and the reason why you are not being publicly praised is because your work is not deemed to be valuable.

Your needs go unaddressed

In certain moments during the lifetime of a project, you will require some form of support, be it resources, a day working from home or quick approvals. If you are not getting the required support and feel uncomfortable with even the smallest requests, it may be time for a change.

Do you notice any of these behaviours in your boss? If this is so the case, it may be the time to seek new alternatives where the grass is much greener.

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