The Tourist who Came to Malta

Planning to visit Malta for 4 days? You my friend, have a problem!

Malta is a tiny Gem in the Mediterranean, however, the second you land, you will realise that it’s not as tiny as you assume. There is so much to see, places and islands to visit, four days already seem a joke.

The tourist who came to Malta visited a number of interesting places and had a lot to share with his relatives when he went back home. He spent his nights in a hotel in Sliema, where he could enjoy the picturesque sea view and was close to various outlets and areas of entertainment. He said: ‘ I must go back and see more. Four days is simply not enough!’

Sliema and St Julian’s

Once he arrived at the hotel, he decided to take a stroll, and appreciate the long promenade, brimming with activity during a glorious summer’s day. Whilst walking on he was spoilt for choice as to where he could get his afternoon lunch and decided to stop at one of the restaurants facing the sea, where he enjoyed freshly prepared Italian cuisine and an exquisite bottle of Maltese wine.

Following an enjoyable lunch, he walked for a few metres and arrived at the steps leading to Tigne Point. His friend told him a lot about this shopping mall, highlighting it as one of the best in Malta. He enjoyed the various retail shops such as Harmont and Blaine, Lacoste, Debenhams and Hilfiger. Being packed with shopping bags, he decided to get a cab back to his hotel to drop off the shopping items and off he went to explore St. Julian’s. During his stroll in St. Julian’s he understood why Malta was renowned as the party island as he bar hopped and visited the different clubs. As it was getting late, he had to get a cab back to his hotel, for obvious reasons!


A holiday in Malta would not be complete without a visit to its majestic capital. It was Europe’s first planned city and is listed in UNESCO World Heritage due to the extensive number of historical monuments. Some of the marvellous landmarks our tourist largely enjoyed were the Cathedral of St. John, the Grand Master’s Palace and the National Museum of Archaeology. He was also fascinated by the archaeology which was remarkably different to what he saw the day before. He was thrilled by getting lost in the beautiful streets filled with character reminiscent of Maltese life in earlier times. He ate at Rubino, a small and cosy place which prepared genuine food with homemade ingredients.


Following his visit to Valletta, our friend was eager for more and decided to visit the ancient city of Mdina. He was further astounded with the marvellous sites and architecture and confirmed that not everywhere in Malta contained the city like hustle and bustle. He was intrigued by the houses within Mdina, which contained a certain degree of character and luxury. He enjoyed the stroll in Mdina and indulged in a few coffees at Fontanella, which to his surprise was full with other tourists.

Marsaxlokk and Mgarr

On Sunday he visited Marsaxlokk, to get a feel of the market and checkout what was being sold. He was pleased to see different food and sweets, which could be purchased at significantly lower prices. He then decided to spend the afternoon at Tartarun restaurant, where he enjoyed a good plate of seafood, with a good bottle of white wine.

For that evening he visited Mgarr to indulge in some local Maltese cuisine, where he wanted to cure his curiosity regarding Maltese rabbit. Needless to say, he was pleased with the outcome!

Gozo and Comino

Getting a good taste of the beauty of Malta, he went on to visit its sister island Gozo. Having rented a car he could go from one place to another with apparent ease. He noticed that the lifestyle in Gozo was different than that of Malta. He noticed a more serene, tranquil and easy-going lifestyle as he explored the different places such as Marsalforn and Nadur.

Comino was next on the list following the picturesque images our friend saw on Google. He enjoyed every minute of the clear blue water!

Our friend went back to his home country with wonderful memories and no short amount of photos to show to his people back home. He was pleased with the experience and is already planning his next trip here. He realised he needed more time to enjoy all these marvellous landscapes. Not to mention not visiting:

Wied iz-Zurrieq and the Blue Grotto,

The Three Cities,

The most breathtaking views at Dingli Cliffs,

a nice swim in Ghadira Bay,

Mgarr ix Xini,



and Marsalforn in Gozo..

The list is never-ending.

Let me urge YOU, dear person, who is planning a visit to Malta: Come for a week so you can live and love Malta the way it should.

See ya!

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