Are there any Benefits in Drinking your own urine?

People are drinking their own urine: Claims that it can threat serious illness are taken seriously. Seriously?

You will see a number of proclaimed benefits all over the internet regarding urine therapy. The practice of drinking urine goes back hundreds of years. The benefits which are alleged by some include cancer treatment, maintaining a healthy heart, enhancing the immune system, curing acne and preventing hair loss.

Apart from testimonials, there is really no scientific research which backs urine therapy. In reality, science highlights that the practice itself has its risks as it can introduce bacteria, toxins and other unhealthy substances in your system. It can also add unnecessary stress on the kidneys.

When one pees, the urine goes through the urethra which contains bacteria. In most cases, these bacteria do not cause any problems, unless they develop out of control. With that said, the urine is contaminated by these bacteria which can lead to health problems and infections.

Urine consists of waste elements that have been processed to be removed from the body for a reason. It would be safe to presume that this reason is that it is not healthy for the body to keep within it. Drinking urine will re-introduce these waste elements which have been processed for removal since they cause harm to the body. In this regard, the kidneys would then need to process these for removal once again, which makes it a repetitive strain for the kidneys.

Another question you find on these internet forums is whether urine is hydrating. So in a less realistic scenario where you have nothing to drink, can your own urine save you? While it makes for quite a good movie, drinking your own urine will have the same effect as drinking seawater. It would actually quicken the process of dehydration due to the salt intake.

So what’s the conclusion on all this? Don’t drink your own urine as it can be detrimental for your health. There are other healthier ways of getting your vitamins and minerals.

This is none of our business and nor our pleasure!

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