9 Reasons why you Need to Eat More Fish

Fish is one of the healthiest food types in the world. It is packed with essential nutrients such as protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids which are vital for one’s body and brain. In this article we discuss why fish is a superior dietary alternative, by highlighting the various health benefits.

High in vital nutrients

Practically, all fish types are good for consumption. This is more so true when considering that people do not get enough high-quality protein and iodine. Surprisingly enough, the fatty fish types are the most beneficial for the body. One of the reasons for this is because they would be packed with omega-3 fatty acids which are positively correlated with the prevention of various diseases.

Less risk of heart attacks and strokes

Fish is very good for your heart. People who consume fish regularly are less susceptible to heart attacks and strokes which are leading killers.  A study in the United States consisting of forty thousand male participants indicated that those who ate fish dishes on a weekly basis had fifteen per cent less chance of heart disease.

Ideal for unborn babies

The nutrients found within fish are essential for developing bodies. Once again, we need to thank the omega-3 fatty acids which are key for growth and development. This is one of the reasons why certain fish is recommended to expecting mothers. In this regard, it is recommended that pregnant women consume fish that are low in the food chain such as salmon, mercury and trout, no more than twelve ounces daily. Fish high in mercury needs to be avoided as it can lead to brain development issues. Raw fish is to be avoided!

Fights depression

Omega-3 fatty acids are once again a key contributor, this time to fight against depression. Although not nearly as emphasised upon as heart disease and stroke, it is one of the world’s most common mental disorders which is accompanied by sadness, lack of interest, decreased energy and enthusiasm. Studies indicate that people who consume fish on a regular basis have less risk of falling into depression. Heard that? Eat more fish and you will also be a happier person. The omega-3 fatty acids also help with other mental disorders, such as bipolarity.

Helps the brain

Many studies indicate favourable patterns between eating fish and brain cognitive longevity. This means that fish combats age-related brain decline.

Fights asthma in kids

Due to poorer air quality, asthma cases have increased over the past years. Consumption of fish reduces the risk of asthma in kids.

Vitamin D intake

Most probably you know about the benefits that Vitamin D has on the bones and how many people have less of this vitamin than required. Fish is the best source of Vitamin D with salmon and herring leading the way. Some oils, such as that of cod are also rich in Vitamin D.

Improves sleep

The Vitamin D present within fish can be a contributor to better sleep. A study amongst middle-aged men found that consuming salmon for three times a week improved sleeping patterns.


Combined with all these benefits is the fact that fish is delicious. Wild fish is superior in taste when compared to fish which is farmed.

With all that said, What’s for dinner. Fresh fish?

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