6 Benefits of Drinking Water

How about drinking water instead: Here are just 6 of the gazillion benefits of Drinking Water

We owe it to ourselves and our general health to drink more water regularly. We poison our bodies on a consistent basis with other beverages such as coffee and soft drinks and leave water as a last resort, drinking a glass or two a day so that we get by with the bare minimum. More than half of the human body consists of water. With that said, our body naturally wastes a lot of water daily through perspiration!

Staying hydrated requires a certain commitment to consuming a lot of water daily. As a rule of thumb, most highlight that two litres of water a day is an absolute necessity. With that said, consuming that much amount of water and more, will increase your visits to the bathroom. To serve as motivation and increase your commitment to drink more water, we will be discussing the benefits of doing so.

Helps your brain

You would be surprised to hear that you should turn to water once you feel that you need a mental boost. Ditch the coffee as water helps optimise our brain performance. Practically, three-quarters of our brain consists of water, therefore drinking the right amounts allows you to think, focus and concentrate better. This is coupled with the fact that water also improves our levels of energy. Lack of water leads to dehydration which in turn affects our mood, motor skills, memory and resistance to pain.

Helps maintain better weight

Water helps in the removal of fat and makes you feel fuller and less hungry. Apart from this it also boosts metabolism allowing you to have better control over your weight.

Flushes away the bad stuff

Drinking ample water allows us to flush away toxins which are bad for us via sweat and urine. It is also a contributing fighter against the development of kidney stones which bring with them awful pain. Think of water as the process of cleansing your body. We all engage in moments where we indulge more than our body can handle. In such cases, we will need a regular flow of water to combat the excessive toxins.

Makes skin healthier

Lack of water which leads to dehydration is damaging to the skin. Not drinking enough water will make your skin dry and increases the chances of more evident wrinkling.

Better digestion

Drinking enough water helps with digestion. It is paramount for the breaking down of food, so you can benefit from the nutrients and avoid constipation.

Improves the immune system

One of the underestimated ways on how you can avoid a cold during the winter season is by drinking healthy amounts of water. There are mainly two ways as to how water improves your immune system. First off, water pushes oxygen to the body’s cells and secondly, it flushes away the unhealthy stuff.

Just like a car engine, our body will respond better if we give it the right amounts of water it needs. Start a habit of drinking water immediately as you wake up and also before you go to bed. In between, keep a reusable water bottle handy, so that you can re-fill and ensure your body remains hydrated.

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