5 Signs you Need to Leave your Partner

Most good relationships are very dissimilar to what we see on movies. A good relationship is not easy to either find or have and most of us are likely to have experienced a bad relationship. Such experiences help us to learn about key negative traits which make people incompatible with a long-term relationship. Others are less lucky and keep engaging in relationships with the wrong people. It is not always easy to identify that your partner is not the right fit, since it can be difficult to examine things with an objective view when you are in love with someone. In this article we discuss some traits which make a partner unfit for a relationship.


Whether it was part of a one-off argument, a rare occurrence or a regular thing, it is a clear indication that the relationship is not sustainable. At this point there is a line that has been crossed and things can never be the same again. The person that is supposed to be protected from harm is now being victimised when things go wrong. Although you may try to forgive physical violence if it was just a one-off, there will always be the bad memory and fear that it can happen again.


Following violence, vices and addiction are also strong elements which can destroy relationships and families. Such could include, gambling, drugs and alcohol. These pile pressure on a relationship as the person who engages in such vices becomes incapable of controlling himself to the constant urge and will jeopardise his family’s well-being just to get more.


If your partner is unfaithful to you, it is very difficult to accept it and move on. It is one of the main reasons why relationships are destroyed and has become more common and widely accepted than it used to. Forgiveness for a one-off occasion is difficult and may be achieved, however if your partner is a constant cheater who wants to have his share of enjoyment, you might as well throw that idea out of the window.


We have mainstream media to thank for the perception that lying to your partner is fine. It is not if you want to maintain a healthy relationship! Healthy relationships thrive on trust and catching someone lying to you can immediately break it even though it took years to build.


If your partner is a narcissist who is constantly sure that he is right in every argument and does not acknowledge any form of feedback where he could improve his attitude, this definitely signals a red light. You will feel humiliated following an argument and that you are always wrong because you are dating or living with someone who thrives on his ego.

If you notice any of these behaviours in your partner, it may as well be time to think about moving on, before it impacts your life permanently.

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