5 Benefits of Waking Up Early

5 Benefits of Waking Up at 5

Most people dread the thought of waking up early. The alarm clock sound is reminiscent of sadness and the end of a well-deserved and joyful rest. Coupled with the dreadful winter cold, leaving the sheets and heading towards the shower is most definitely not the most exciting of prospects. We just need to accept that some of us are genetically wired to enjoy our sleep and cannot fathom the understanding of immediately rising up as our alarms go off. Modern day torture I call it! For those of us who have mastered this discipline of waking up early, there are several benefits.

More time to get organised

There is a certain serenity associated with being up and about before the others, while the rest of the world sleeps. During this time window you can organise your schedule, set your task list and identify your priorities for the day. This way, you will not start the day off on the wrong foot by rushing through your things and forgetting something which can affect you for the whole day.

Fit in a work-out

We have all fallen victim to a non-achieved objective of going to the gym right after work. You will find many people who have seen their exercise dreams fizzle into nothingness, since they do not have the physical or mental capacity to go for it after a work day’s exhaustion. In the early hours of the morning, you are more likely to get that hour of cardio which should get you pumped up to start your day on the right foot. Apart from burning more calories when you work out in the morning, it will also help you sleep better at night.

More time to work productively

Starting off some work when everyone else is still asleep will allow you to address your tasks more productively with less distractions. This will improve your chances of closing off your day’s tasks earlier. Getting to work before your colleagues allows you to avoid other work distractions such as morning chats and relentless telephone calls.

Beat the traffic

It is amazing how just leaving fifteen minutes earlier than usual can help beat the traffic. Waking up early allows you to eliminate the traffic related hassle and won’t eat your insides due to missing out on the first few minutes of an important meeting.

More family time

Provided that the extra hours compensated in the morning have enabled you to manage your time better, you can now spend your evenings in a more relaxed and tranquil fashion, by enjoying the company of your family members and loved ones. Waking up a few hours earlier may allow you to achieve better work-life balance, giving everything and everyone the time they require and deserve.

These benefits which result from a more organised sleep pattern are ideal in managing stress and mental health. One of the best ways to ensure that you actually stick to waking up earlier is by placing your alarm away from your bed, approximately to the opposite end of the room. This will help you wake up without snoozing and dropping off back to sleep.

So with all the benefits related to waking up early, how about resetting that alarm?

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