We are under Pressure

The World is under Pressure and that means you are too.

The society we live in paints the picture of a so-called perfect life. We are doomed with seeing ideal role models which are synonymous with a perfect lifestyle. Normally, such lifestyles are perceived to be achieved by having a lot of money to invest and spend. We are constantly battling to be on par with people we aspire to become. These could either be role models within our circle of friends, colleagues at work or any other individuals we would like to emulate. There are several milestones in life we want to achieve to show people that we are a success. In this article we discuss these different milestones which alter people’s perception about us.

The big house

A prime piece of real estate, a big house with your own airspace, a garden, a designer kitchen and large bedrooms are synonymous with a successful life. Those who are lucky to own such a property can afford the luxury of showing off with friends when they host meet ups at their home.

The professional and rewarding career

Having a well-paid and professional career enables people to reach a certain standard of life. This will also earn you the respect or extra gossip of your peers who will get the impression that you can live well above average and in a certain state of comfort.

An expensive car

A car is also a symbol of the level of prestige one holds. Driving a car of a certain brand communicates a certain taste, class and style. Owning a Porsche or a Jaguar is a mark of distinction indicating a certain wealth and social class.


Apart from the obvious benefits of travelling, people are pressured to travel on a regular basis, so that they too can upload photos on their Facebook and Instagram, showing their friends that they too can afford to travel.

Private schooling for children

For most parents, giving their children a suitable education for them to achieve independence is their life goal. Paying private school tuition is something that only well off parents can do. However, one will never accept the reality that most married couples who are of a certain salary scale can be pressured to pay private tuition for their kids, because it is what their peers are doing.

Branded clothes

Wearing clothes of a certain brand provide an indication of the sort of income that a person makes. If you buy shirts which are over 100 Euro each, it is a strong indication that you have a stable job that pays well. In this regard, people may be pressured by their social groups to buy clothes of certain brands so that they can fit in well.

These materialistic social pressures are dangerous as they can harm a family’s financial stability.  A consumeristic society makes us feel that whatever we own is not enough and there are always new levels to aspire for. We are therefore put in situations to purchase things we cannot afford and make expenses which are not always easy to pay.

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