Interior Design Tips for a Happier Home

‘Sometimes the smallest of things make the greatest impact.”

A home is a place where people spend time with their loved ones. A place which is ideal for resting and achieving comfort. In order to create this sense of serenity, you need to be aware of your own surroundings and implement your design according to your preferred tastes.  

Designing your home is not a walk in the park, however it is most definitely a satisfying endeavour. Choosing the right layout for you may not always be straightforward and can also take months to complete.  

If you thirst for change or have just moved into a new home, here are a few interior design tricks which will help you to upgrade your property with minimal effort and cost.

Make use of wallpaper

Wallpaper gives a dull room some wow-factor. It adds colour, design and character to a room that paint alone simply cannot give. Many interior designers love to mix and match both paint and wallpaper into one room to create balance in their designs. It is becoming quite a popular design choice nowadays, and many are opting to simply apply it to one wall as a decorative feature.

Plants and more plants

Adding plants to your living space is one of the most inexpensive ways to uplift your home. Be it a small or large room, plants always add colour and texture to your living space. Green plants will help make a room look cleaner and more polished, while flower plants add more colour to the room. Plants also help purify the air, as they absorb pollutants and harmful gases from the air, and release oxygen. Studies have shown that plants reduce stress and contribute to a number of health benefits.

Before purchasing any plants, you should do some research as to which require more sunlight, care and water than others.

Make use of area rugs instead of carpeted floors

Rugs are a unique way of giving texture and personality to your rooms. There are varying patterns of rugs you can choose from which add that extra spice. To ensure that your rug blends beautifully, choose a colour from its pattern and include matching ornaments to decorate your room.

Choosing neutral furniture and sofas, gives you the option to experiment with the colour of your rug and introduce a joyful element to your room. Neutral furniture will also enable you to change the colour scheme of your rug any time throughout the year.

Area rugs are also beneficial as these are easily washable and are more practical when you have children. Fitted carpets, on the other hand, require continuous maintenance and vacuuming, easily attract dirt and stains and are highly susceptible to allergens.

Make good use of mirrors for better lighting and space

Mirrors come in various shapes and sizes, to cater for everyone’s design preferences. A well placed mirror creates the illusion of space and increases lighting inside the room. If mirrors are placed exactly opposite a window or a door, this will increase the natural light casting inside the room and provide a brighter environment.

Combine patterns and textures

Many may find mixing more than one pattern inside a room intimidating, but it is actually very easy and fun when you get to see the end result. When choosing your patterns, you do not only have to visualise the overall look, but must also be cautious of what patterns and textures go well together.  

As a rule of thumb, when mixing and matching patterns, make sure to distribute them evenly throughout the room. Choose at least three different kinds of patterns to decorate your room, and use colours which are more or less the same level of intensity. Layering patterns in a range of styles and scale is an easy way to add visual interest to a room.


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