How do Working Mothers Cope

Working schedules are mad. The modern lifestyle requires that both parents work to keep up with daily expenses. As time progresses, more women are entering the work force to gain a level of independence and lead successful careers. This becomes all the more difficult when they become mothers. In this article we discuss some tips on how working mothers can cope in an increasingly busier lifestyle.


Being a working mother will not allow you the luxury of working insane hours on a regular basis. You will need to learn that you cannot do everything on your own and will need to split tasks accordingly, especially if you have people reporting to you. There will be the time where you will need to let go and let others take responsibility. You will be tempted to re-take that task if you feel that your delegate is not performing to your expected standard. Don’t fall back into this negative rut as you will never manage with all your tasks. Learn how to mentor and guide people so that they can reach the expected standard.

Establish set working hours

Keeping a uniform working routine allows you to better maintain life stability and to plan in advance. If you work irregular hours, you will find it very difficult to tackle your errands as you cannot allocate time for them. Apart from this you will be able to spend more quality time with your children.

Learn to say no

If you are already overwhelmed with projects and tight deadlines, learn to say no and negotiate better timelines. Trying to please everyone will only work in the short-term and will leave you feeling burnt out.

Set realistic goals

Create a task list with realistic goals for the day and stick to it. Through experience you should be able to understand whether such goals are achievable. In this regard you should not be overly ambitious as it defeats the entire scope of the exercise.

Avoid the internet

Distractions such as Facebook and Instagram need to be avoided as much as possible. Set allocated time to view your social media and keep it at that. Scrolling through your news feeds and friends’ profiles will only serve to soak away your productivity, leaving you with less time to address priorities.


We may, on some occasions miss out on some hours of sleep. Getting into the habit of sleep sacrifice is destructive and damaging in the long-term. You will eventually drag through the day and will be less productive, hence you will not manage all your things well. To help out with this, make sure that the kids’ sleep schedule is kept intact.

Get everyone around you do their part: Including your husband!

We no longer live in a society where the man goes to work and the wife stays at home, takes care of the house and the family. We live in a demanding world, and everyone needs to do their bit when it comes to earning good income. Therefor it becomes pretty normal, that everyone needs to do their bit when it comes to house and family chores.

Dear Sir, stop expecting miracles from you partner, and lend a hand. NOW!

Developing the discipline is not always easy, but embracing these tips will allow you to manage your personal and professional life. Whilst doing this, have some fun along the way, the job of a working mother never ends and is indeed tough. On behalf of all decent human beings, we admire you, we thank you!

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