8 Things which make a Perfect Girlfriend

Most have their own perception about what being the perfect girlfriend entails. Whatever a perfect girlfriend/wife means! Whilst we acknowledge that being perfect is practically impossible, we present a few tips which make you the girlfriend closest to perfect! In the end, we hate to break it to you but, ladies, men are also looking for “the one”, so no, you are not on your own! First one out of the way.

Loving him is not enough

Yes, Loving him is surely not enough. Show him you love him. Now that’s better!

We decided to get the most obvious out of the way early! Everyone wants to feel happy and love fills us with a sense of meaning and satisfaction. It also provides feeling of security, especially when certain moments become tough, and they will at some point! Another one out of the way: Men seek security as well!

Love Yourself

Does not mean: Be selfish. Insecurity and lack of confidence will definitely not win you any points. Be confident and love yourself. Such an approach will allow you to radiate positivity that makes you more attractive.

Don’t create jealousy

Being faithful is one of the most necessary attributes in maintaining a strong relationship. With that said, a perfect girlfriend does her best to make sure that her boyfriend does not feel jealous. This can be done by constantly transmitting the message that he is the guy for you and you only have interest and eyes for him. This will help him feel secure even if you are getting unwanted attention!

Get along with his friends. Try to!

Getting along with his friends is also a good way to win his heart. The more you get along with them, the less likely you are to engage in conflicts. You may think that his friends are not ideal for him, however you will need to be careful how you communicate, without being too pushy. Don’t forget that he is old enough to understand which type of company he can keep!

If you know how to cook, that’s a big bonus!

The right man will never expect his partner to cook for him and surely, the ‘who cooks what and when’ saga should never be a deal breaker in your relationship. In today’s fast paced lifestyle and complicated working schedules, it can be quite difficult for both to find some time to prepare a good meal. With that said, if you can manage with your busy schedule and still prepare a loving meal just to show you care, you are on the right track! The thought counts more than the taste!

Surprise him

A surprise dinner or gift can go a long way especially when the going is tough. The determination for such surprises tends to fade away as time progresses. Don’t let it! A surprise amongst all the routine activities can do a world of good.

Help him grow

A close to perfect girlfriend will want her boyfriend to be a success and achieve his full potential. She will be supportive especially in the toughest of  moments. With that said, the end reward will be worth it, and not just for him.

Trust and space

If your partner has given you no reason to doubt his intentions, you would do well to highlight the strength of the relationship by showcasing trust. Men do not enjoy feeling suffocated and you could easily end up just as an ex-girlfriend, if you do not give him his space.

Having these qualities coupled with a pleasant personality are essential for the success of any relationship. As form now onwards, less push-up bras and more character Missy!

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