8 Reasons why Olive Oil is a Health Goldmine

8 Reasons why Olive Oil is a Health Goldmine

Olive oil is a marvellous ingredient which complements your dishes with wonderful taste and provides a myriad of health benefits. A Mediterranean diet consists of various dishes which can be combined with olive oil. It is far superior than other cooking oils and can combat a number of illnesses and diseases. It is renowned as the most expensive oil which contains pure components. In this article we discuss a number of reasons why you should integrate olive oil in your diet.

Healthier arteries

Olive oil is beneficial because it improves the elasticity of your arteries, ensuring appropriate blood flow throughout the body. It is also ideal in preventing hypertension.

Prevents heart attacks

A study conducted in 2008 reported that the chances of heart attacks in men decreased by 82% when they consumed extra virgin olive oil versus those who did not.

Fights bad cholesterol

The polyphenols found within olive oil help to keep healthy levels of LDL cholesterol. The fat found within olive oil contains healthy nutrients. It also helps to prevent high levels of blood pressure.

Reduces chance of stroke

People who consume olive oil on a regular basis reduce their chances of suffering from stroke.  This is due to the plasma oleic acid. A study conducted in 2011 indicated that older people who consumed diets rich in olive oil had less chances of stroke.

Improves the brain function

Research by the University of Massachusetts indicates that those who consume extra virgin olive oil on a regular basis can significantly improve their brain memory.  It is also suggested that olive oil can protect brain cells from damage.

Helps fight cancer

The phytochemicals within olive oil act as antioxidants. A study in 2008 states that olive oil can kill cancer cells and restrict cancer genes. It is suggested that it can combat breast, colon and pancreatic cancer.

Enhances the immune system

The high level of antioxidants plays a paramount role for the solidness of your immune system. These benefits cannot be found in other oils.

Live longer

Olive oil can improve our quality of life and help us live longer by maintaining the quality of our organs and tissue.

With that said, olive oil does have some negative sides. Such include skin allergy or irritation and in certain cases, diarrhoea. In this regard, normal and non-excessive dosage is strongly recommended, as certain amounts can act as a laxative.

Also, do your research before buying olive oil. Not all brands represent the same quality and some may be diluted to the extent that you do not benefit as much as you should.

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